Sunday, 28 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! My lovely boyfriend got me a new laptop for Christmas, so FINALLY I might be able to put some posts up!
As soon as I have it all set up, photos uploaded etc. I will have some new looks for you!
I'm off to Canada tomorrow (excited and nervous about the flight!) so fingers crossed I'll have some hauls to upload too!
I'm so excited!
See you all in the new year!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sorry guys...

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been gone for such a long time! It's been crazy busy down my end.
In the next few months I'm going to try and get some more looks out for you guys!

I did have some ready to go, but I managed to delete everything off my sd card D':
I'm soo gutted! I had a beautiful look using the Sleek MakeUp Rio rio palette ready to put up and I've lost it! Gutted!

Nevermind, will have to do it again!

See you soon x

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush...Shine So Bright

Aloha Amigos!
Ok so this is a product that is perfect for people like me who mistreat their hair! I treated mine so badly due to straightening and bleaching that I've recently had to chop it all off into a pixie cut... however! This can be prevented with one little Lush Balm...

Monday, 19 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush...Movis Soap!

Hello! Another new product today - Movis :D
This has very quickly made it's way into my daily skincare routine. I love it!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush...Parsley Porridge Soap

Hello guys,
I hope you're enjoying my Daily dose of Lush and not getting bored of it! I've got another new product to talk about today - Parsley Porridge Soap!

When this post goes out there will be 3 new soaps in Lush stores - Parsley Porridge, Mangnificent and Movis! Posts to follow on both of these, but exciting newbies! Wohoo! There will also be 2 more soaps coming out within the next few months... ooohhhhhh

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sleek Makeup Ultra Matts V2 Palette Look!

I thought there's been a few Lush posts recently so lets break it up with a makeup look!
I've gone back to my Sleek Makeup Series and done a look using only eyeshadows from the Ultra Matts V2 Palette. This is my favourite palette from Sleek and comes with me whenever I go away, I love it! I don't know why I haven't done a look with this palette sooner, it was so easy! There's so many different choices which would've all made lovely looks but I fancied adding some blue eyeliner so went for a subtle pink/purple too :) hope you like it.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush... Lush Kitchen Zest

Hey guys!
Today's post is on a new hair styling product which will be making it's way into Lush stores very soon...Zest!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush... Granny Takes a Dip

Ok this one I am really excited about! Granny Takes a Dip is my current favourite bath bomb, and I haven't even used it yet! Now that's saying something...

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush... Ocean Salt Review

Hey guys, I've had an idea! This doesn't happen often...
I recently started my new job at Lush and I wanted to incorporate my lovely job with my lovely blog, so I'm going to start doing some 'Daily doses of Lush' which will involve reviews, demos and Lush Cocktails! How does that sound? It's a bit different from my usual make-up looks but I think it will be nice to mix things up!

So I'm going to start with one of my latest loves, Ocean Salt Self-Preserving!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sleek Makeup Showstoppers Palette Look!

Hey guys! I have so many reviews for you guys but I'm still waiting to take the photos (hopefully will be done tomorrow) so for today I have another makeup look for you! My boyfriend's wonderful Mumma surprised me with a lovely gift when I came home from work the other day, the new Showstoppers palette from Sleek Makeup which is out in Superdrug in celebration of their 50th Anniversary.
So here's the look I've done, I hope you like!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette Look #2!

Hey guys,
I am having so much fun with the Urban Decay Electric Palette! I can't get over how pigmented and flawless the pigments are.
I know I've only just put a look out but it took me soo long to do I didn't want to wait around any longer for another!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette Look!

Hey guys!
I'm sorry I've been gone for a while, I've had a lot of hours at work lately and it's completely tired me out! I've had this look in my back pocket for a while and I absolutely love it! I needed to put it up asap - I'm just annoyed asap took so long!
Anyway here's the look, a bit picture heavy! I hope you like it :)

Monday, 31 March 2014

Disney Series: Snow White!

I have ANOTHER Disney look for you guys today! I did this one the same day as my Tinkerbell look, but I haven't been too sure about it... Snow White is a lot simpler so it made it a lot more difficult to do a look that I liked! After about 3 attempts I finally decided I liked this one, I hope you do too!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Disney Series: Tinkerbell - Peter Pan

Hey Guys!
It's been so long since I've done a Disney Inspired look I thought one was well overdue! I haven't played around much with my Flash Palette from Makeup Forever either so this was the perfect opportunity.
For this Disney inspired look I've chosen to recreate Tinkerbell! I wasn't a huge Tinks fan when I was a kid but she's definitely grown on my in recent years!
Hope you like my look!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sleek Snaphots Look #2

Hey guys!
I know I said I was going to do a look using Sleek's V2 palette, but I opened Snapshots and Sunset just looked so beautiful I couldn't resist it!
I hope you like my look!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Inglot Eyeshadow Look

Hello guys! Sorry I've been gone so long! I've recently got a new job so I haven't had as much free time as I did before. I've got a few days off now though so hoping to get some more posts ready!
Every since I got my new Inglot shades, I've wanted to play around with them - finally I got the chance! I hope you like my look!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Inglot Eye Shadow Review, Shades 369 & 24

Hey Guys!
I am one of the lucky few in the UK who has an Inglot store 10 minutes away from where I live, and I plan on making the most of it!
I was out shopping for new jeans the other day and mistakenly stumbled into Inglot, what a shame. My lovely boyfriend treated me to 2 new shadows and I think I definitely picked 2 of the best! But I'll let you be the judge of that...

Monday, 24 February 2014

Summer Sunset Makeup Look

Hey guys!
I seem to be posting a lot of makeup looks at the moment, I hope you don't mind!
I have a few more product reviews coming later this week!
But for now, another look. This one was inspired by some gorgeous summer sunset images I've seen on holiday brochures (a girl can dream) and I instantly wanted to do a look, I hope you like it!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Glitter Me Pink Eyeshadow Look!

Hey guys, I've got another makeup look for you today, I hope that's alright!
This started out as something completely different to what it actually is. I was trying to do a look based around an Inglot shade but it just wasn't sparkly enough for me.
Obviously when something isn't sparkly enough what do you do? Add glitter! I hope you like it.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Lush Intuitive Makeup Look! Aka...The Tizzy Look!

Hey guys,
My wonderful best friend, Tizzy bought me one of Lush's cream eyeshadows as part of my birthday present (she knows me too well) so I thought seeming as I am missing her so much I'd do a look just for her! I moved last month to Cambridge from the Isle of Wight and I don't know how I've coped so long without her D:
I hope you like my look!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Is there anything you want to see?

Hey guys,
I love blogging and really want to start picking up the pace, but I need some help with ideas and would love it if any of my lovely followers would comment and let me know if there's anything they want to see!
Any reviews or looks you'd like me to do? Palette collections, favourite items, tags?
I always love hearing from you guys and if there's anything you'd like me to do I'll do my best to make it happen! It can be a vague idea or a very specific 'I want to see a dumbo inspired Disney look!'
Just let me know ^_^
Speak soon!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OPI Brazil, Amazon...Amazoff Polish!

I love seeing online that OPI is bringing out a new collection, but what I really like doing is waiting for it to come out so I can go into the store and find the OPI that immediately stands out to me. The best way to see the colour 'true to life' is actually seeing the colour!
Amazon...Amazoff was definitely the shade for me!
This is definitely a 'me' colour!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sleek Celestial Palette Look!

Hey guys!
I finally got around to doing a look using Sleek MakeUps's Celestial Palette, but then I noticed that my last 4 posts were all Sleek MakeUp looks so I've held this one back a few days!
I tried to do so many looks using just this palette but I think I was having a few off days. Finally I've done a look I'm happy with and it would have been perfect for Valentines, but nevermind! There's so many 'Valentine's Look' posts I didn't really want to join them so I stayed away! I hope you like my look...

Monday, 17 February 2014

Lush Emotional Brilliance Control Eyeliner Review!

Aloha Amigos!
A few weeks ago I picked up Control Eyeliner from Lush, which is described to be a deep inky-blue shade... and I don't think I've worn black since. This eyeliner is so different and versatile, I love it!
The bottle alone is freaking adorable! It looks like the potions from Alice in Wonderland with the little 'drink me' label on the side! To show how much I LOVE this colour, I haven't edited my photos at all! I've left them completely untouched so you get a proper, true to life, look at the colours you can achieve all from one little bottle!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sleek Garden of Eden Palette Look!

Hey Guys,
Sorry I've not posted in forever! So much going on in January, it was my birthday, then I went to the Isle of Wight to see my family, and since being back in Cambridge I've been job hunting which has got to be one of the most depressing things I've ever done! I'm applying for jobs I really don't want because I haven't heard back from the one I do want... I'm not good at this patience thing!
Just a quick post today to show you guys a look I create with the new Garden of Eden Palette from Sleek!
I've always loved their palettes and use them on a daily basis, so when a new one comes out you can bet I'm the first one in line to get it. So, here's my look...

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Facebook Giveaway!

Hey Guys!
I made a Facebook page a while a go and I really want to get things started on it! I feel like it would be a great way to get in contact with other people and I always love a chat!
As soon as I hit 100 likes I'll do a giveaway! So please go and like my facebook page!
Leave me a message and say hi,
I can't wait to hear from you!

Sleek Lagoon Palette Look!

Hey guys!
The Sleek Lagoon Palette was one of the ones I was lucky enough to get at Christmas, so I wanted to do a look using just this palette. It was so hard choosing a look to do, there are so many gorgeous colours! Eventually this was the look I went with, I hope you like it!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden Palette Review & Swatches

Hey guys!
I was so lucky today to get the new Sleek i-Divine Palette from Superdrug! They didn't have it on the shelf so I asked when it's due to come out, and she said next week but I could have one now! Happy girl right here!
So, I've quickly rushed home so I could takes some photos and get a blog post up straight away!
I've never noticed before but

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sleek Snapshots Palette Look!

Hello everyone!
I was going to leave this look for a few more days, but I love it too much so I thought I'd post it now!
I recently got 4 more Sleek palettes, some I was lucky enough to get for Christmas, and I want to do a look using every one! Or maybe two or three...
So here's the first look, using the Snapshots Palette!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Inglot Eyeshadow Look!

Hey guys!
I've recently just moved to Cambridge and discovered there was an Inglot store here! Some how I think I will be spending half my life in there...
I went in and bought some gorgeous new eye shadows and lip colour from their freedom system and a new palette, but I wanted to do a look with the colours I've already got. Because it's just a small palette I forgot I had it half the time, but using it again had reminded me how amazing the eye shadows are! They are so creamy and pigmented, they are just amazing to work with!
Anyway, I hope you like my look!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

NYE Makeup! Sleek Vintage Romance Palette Look!

Hey guys! I'm in the middle of moving still at the moment so I haven't been able to do any recent looks so I've had to hold some back! This was my makeup look for NYE! I hope you all had a lovely night, and I hope you like my look!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes, Smoky Plum Look!

Hey Guys!

My wonderful best friend bought me the 4-Step Smoky Eyes in Smoky Plum for me for Christmas (she knows me so well!) And I wore it out to my work Christmas do so I thought, from now on, when i get dolled up I'll take some pictures of my looks to show you! The looks I usually post on my blog, aren't ones I'd always wear out so I thought it would be good to show you looks that I wear myself.