Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sleek Celestial Palette Look!

Hey guys!
I finally got around to doing a look using Sleek MakeUps's Celestial Palette, but then I noticed that my last 4 posts were all Sleek MakeUp looks so I've held this one back a few days!
I tried to do so many looks using just this palette but I think I was having a few off days. Finally I've done a look I'm happy with and it would have been perfect for Valentines, but nevermind! There's so many 'Valentine's Look' posts I didn't really want to join them so I stayed away! I hope you like my look...
Really I should have shot this look during the day, but I always seem to get inspiration at night - It was so shimmery and pretty it's a shame the camera didn't pick it up as well!
Anyway, here's my look! It's a shimmery, smoky pink/purple eye with subtle black liner and lashes.
The super sparkly palette! I love the matte/glitter combo shades, even though it does leave a bit of fall out they are so versatile! Great for adding colour into the crease, whereas shimmers are so forgiving.
L-R: (top row) Solar, Astral Blue, Aurora, Galactic, Earth Shine, Dark Matter
(bottom row) Stargaze, Saturn's Ring, Meteoric, Terrestrial, Lunar, Eclipse.
My favourite shades from this palette are Aurora - gorgeous teal green with glitter, and Meteoric - Matte deep pink/ terracotta shade.
My lease favourite, definitely Terrestrial. If the pigmentation was better it would be an amazing shade, because it's so different. But I guess that's why it's so hard to find! The pigment in pastel shades usually are lacking umph!
I started with Meteoric all over my lid and up into my crease, then darkened my crease using Saturn's Ring and Astral Blue. Next, I took Solar and packed it onto my lid, making it soo sparkly and gorgeous! I took Meteoric and Astral Blue onto my lower lash line also and Stargaze and Galactic in my inner corner to brighten the eye.
I darkened my crease for a more dramatic look using Earth Shine and used Dark Matter for my eyeliner.
My eyelashes are Eylure's #100, which I picked up in John Lewis for about £4! So cheap in there. Mascara as always is Mac Plush Lash and Benefit They're Real.
And that's the look! I hope you like it, and I can't wait to get some more looks going!


  1. Great look - your lower lash line looks particularly amazing! So inventive.


    Katy xx

  2. Lovely I finally found a good look to do with my celestial palette! Love your looks with the sleek palettes! :)