Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My April on Instagram!

Hey guys!
I love putting up pictures about what I've been doing so here's some pics from my April :)

My gorgeous, new little nephew Max

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Disney Series: JAFAR

Hey guys!
So here's my first post for the Mini Disney Series! So far it's the most wearable look I've done in the series, and I'm loving it!

Jafar is a pretty creepy guy but this dude's got style!


Hey Guys!
I've been going Disney crazy lately! My boyfriend keeps buying all the Disney DVD's and I'm made me remember just how much I love Disney!

So I've decided to do a series of some awesome Disney Characters! Mainly villains because they're pretty awesome! But I'm stuck on what Characters to do next!

Please comment and let me know if you have any ideas!!! It would be soo helpful and I'll give you a shout out on my post if I do the character you choose! :)

Please give me a comment, would be amazing!

Going to stick my first post up later today! x x x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Time On Instagram

Hey guys, just a few pics from my week :) some are on Instagram, some aren't.

I've spent my week in Cambridge where my boyfriend lives enjoying the sunshine! Apart from the time I've spent in hospital! I'm one of those people that's just never healthy!

Also I'm going to be an auntie for a FIFTH time! Crazy!! Christmas is going to be expensive... 0_0

Also I made a cute little temporary stand for my OPI's, need a good one to go on my wall though, my cat keeps knocking them over!

And a pic of my guilty pleasure... The Muppets! 1 hour boat ride, needed to do something!

X x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I'm on Vine!

Hey guys! I'm starting to get a bit obsessed with Vine! I've been playing around tonight so if you've got it, please go and check it out and let me know what you think!

If you haven't got it... GET IT!!! It's amazeballs!!!

I want to post my videos on here but I can't :( so here's so pics of the looks I've done so far :)

I now look like a dick with 2 different looks on my eyes...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

MY OPI Nail Polish Collection!

I don't think I've ever been more excited to do a post! I LOVE OPI Nail Polish, and at the moment I'm suffering from Glandular Fever so I'm not really up to doing a makeup look, so I thought I'd do a post on my lovely polishes :)

I'm gutted some of the pictures aren't great and SORRY my nails are in such bad condition, where I work it's hard to keep them looking great! And as much as I tried to apply the polish well, for some reason I decided to do it on my right hand, which meant painting with my left?! WHY! So Apologies!

MY O.P.I collection is only 36 polishes at the moment, but I only discovered them 2 years ago, so I guess it's grown quickly!

If anyone wants to see a look using one or some of the polishes then comment below and I'll try and do something with them for you :)

Click on the pictures for a better look!

1 Coat

Start-To-Finish Base and Topcoat - I used 1 coat of this under every swatch, and it is by far the quickest drying base coat I have ever used! Massive Love!

3 Coats

Number One Nemesis -  This one is only a mini, Look how cute it is! I bought a few from The Amazing Spider Man collection, and I have to say, as much as I LOVE Spiderman and O.P.I, I was so disappointed! None of the colours were as nice as I was expecting! On the packaging, it says 'Show your metal in this sparkling nickel.' I would definitely recommend using a base colour and applying this colour as a finish, its much too thin to use on it's own unless you like layering up!

3 Coats
The World Is Not Enough - From the Skyfall collection, I have to say this is another one I'm disappointed in! It's a lot like Number One Nemesis and definitely needs a base colour! Described on the packaging as 'This rosy silver is as addictive as it is beautiful.' I disagree... (good start to a post ehy?!)

2 Coats
Your Royal Shine-ness - Such a beautiful metallic silver! Super super shiny and looks amazeballs. From the Serena Williams Grand Slam England Collection.

1-2 Coats
Alpine Snow - OK I LOVE this white! It looks like tipex which is pretty much what I wanted! I always use it as a base when I do marble nail art and it really makes brights and neon colours pop! It was one of the first O.P.I's that I bought, which would explain why the formula now sucks! Not their fault, mine! It's gotten a bit too thick and I need to thin it out before I use it again properly, but I absolutely love it! From the Soft Shades Collection.

2 Coats

Stranger Tides - From the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, This is a really weird colour! But I kind of love it... It comes out a little streaky but it makes a really cool base for nail art, using greens and golds. It looks so different under different light, but its a murky, off grey, zombie-esque green! It's pretty awesome... I've never seen another green like it!

2 Coats
Mermaid's Tears - Also from the POTC collection, this is by far one of my favourite colours! If I want to paint my nails but don't know what to do with them, I just reach for this colour. It always gets amazing compliments and if the almost-pastel mint green colour wasn't cool enough, the name will make you want to buy it! Jus' casually walking around with MERMAID'S TEARS on my nails... normal day.

2 Coats
Live And Let Die - turned out to be one of my favourite from the Skyfall collection. It doesn't look that great in the bottle, but as soon as you apply to your nail, the glitter really comes out in the polish! It's the type of glitter you would be able to get away with at work, it just gives it a nice shine instead of being really in your face! It says 'Burn the candles at both ends in this private jet black.' I definitely wouldn't call it jet black, more of a green tone but the gold glitter is definitely reminiscent of a flickering candle!

3 Coats
Just Spotted The Lizard - was the colour I was most excited about it the collection! It pretty much looks like spilt petrol in the bottle but sadly it doesn't show on the nail! Only the greeny-gold colour shows. Described on the packaging as 'Be seen in this reptilian yellow-green' Which I guess does describe the colour the shows up on your nails, just a shame the pretty blue doesn't! :(

2 Coats
 Ogre-The-Top-Blue - From the Shrek Collection, is a bright bubble gum blue! Gives amazing coverage and looks super bright on the nails! Love it!

2 Coats
Last Friday Night - From the Katy Perry Collection is a blue, holo, glitter in a jelly formula. It's definitely only a top coat, but does have a slight blue tinge in the jelly itself. This and Alpine Snow were my first two O.P.I's! Such a pretty glitter, but is a bitch waiting for it to dry!

1 Coat plus OPI Start-To-Finish Top Coat

 Turquoise Shatter - This is a beautiful colour for a shatter! I own a couple of the Barry M ones but they're all very bland! This one had beautiful shimmer in it and with a top coat it looks amazing and shiny! I should've really swatched it over a different colour so it would stand out more buuuut I didn't.

2 Coats
Into The Night - 'This perfect midnight blue was made for prowling.' Pretty much sums up the colour! This for me was the colour I was least looking forward to from The Amazing Spiderman Collection, but turned out to be my favourite! It was the only polish that seemed to apply evenly and didn't disappoint me!

2 Coats

Grape...Set...Match! - From the Serena William's Grand Slam England Collection is super pretty! A dark purple/pink glitter with a lot of sparkle!
3 Coats

Rally Pretty Pink - Another from the Serena Grand Slam Collection! I think I was in America when they came out, so picked up a few! This colour inspired my last Eye Look. A really stunning, pinky purple with tonnes of gold shimmer! Looks so beautiful in the sunlight and amazing over a purple polish. 
1 Coat
A Grape Fit! - My go-to purple colour! So simple and so pretty! Easy to apply, amazing formula - only takes one coat for a perfect coverage! Amazing! From the Great Pair Collection.

2 Coats
 Planks A Lot - This is very similar to A Grape Fit! Just a bit more pastel. Still a gorgeous colour but probably easy to find a colour that's pretty much the same for a lot cheaper!

3 Coats
Significant Other Colour - THIS IS AMAZING! I am in love with this colour! It looks amazing on it's own, or over a purple, green, blue or pink base! It looks beautiful and so different over other colours. I need to find a nice yellow and see how it looks over that! It's a subtle lilac with amazing green duo chrome!
3 Coats
 Princesses Rule! - My amazing friend got this for me for my birthday! Totally sums her up! Cute, Pink, Shimmery and Girly! From the Princess Charming Collection.

2 Coats - Streaky!
 Your Web Or Mine? - Another from The Amazing Spiderman Collection! This pink is pretty standard. It's pretty, applied nicely but was super streaky! Doesn't really show up in the pics, but unless you're pro at applying polish, it will happen to you too!

1 Coat
 Come To Poppy - From the Nice Stems Collection - really pretty pink! I'm not sure why I bought this one... I'm not really a pink kind of girl but I must have my moments! Amazing coverage, only 1 coat application.

2 Coats
Get Your Glamour On - This colour was designed for Glamour Magazine, I'm not sure why but its soooo pretty! A coral pink, which for me if the only way to go if you're going pink! I don't like being too girly! I think this was one I picked up from TK Maxx, I'm not sure where else I would have gotten one which was only for Glamour Magazine!
2 Coats
Love Is A Racket - Another Serena William's Grand Slam colour! I definitely liked them when they came out! I forgot to take a pic of this the other night so quickly did it now! Can't believe I missed one! To be honest I wouldn't mind this colour as a lip gloss! A dark pink packed with the same colour micro glitter.
1 Coat - added touch up for chunky glitter!
 The Impossible - This is awesome. The liquid sand texture is pretty strange to me though! I live on an island, so trying to not get sand in your nail polish is something I usually try to avoid! However I do love this bright red colour, and the chunky glitter looks amazing. I love the little stars but they don't seem to want to come out of the bottle and when they do, they don't lie flat on the nail so it doesn't last very long! From the Mariah Carey, Liquid Sand Collection.

2 Coats
 The Spy Who Loved Me - Another from the Skyfall Collection, this one caught my eye! I love the pillar box red with the teeny tiny gold sparkle! Very Unique! Added a blurry picture so you can see the glitter.

1 Coat
 Danke-Shiny Red - From the German Collection, this Ruby Red is amazing! It looks so Royal! Big love for this colour, and only 1 Coat! Very Classy...

1 Coat
Wocka Wocka! - This one is pretty similar to Danke-Shiny Red but a little darker and not as shimmery on the nail. I got this one first, I LOVE The Muppets so couldn't not have anything from the collection! I do also have Pepe's Purple Passion but I've lost it!!! Soo gutted! No Idea where it's gone which is why its not included in this post :(

1 Coat
Every Month Is Oktoberfest - I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOUR! Ohh it's so pretty! Imagine adding a bunch of shimmer to red wine. That's what this is. It looks so beautiful under every light and is the type of colour you can wear at any age, or anywhere. Loooooove this!

2 Coats
Tease-y Does It - This colour is so beautiful. From the Burlesque Collection, it can look very plain in the shade but under any light it shines! It's the colour I use to make my Christmas Pudding nails at Christmas! Works Perfectly!

2 Coats
Bronzed To Perfection - From the South Beach Collection, I got this colour is a set with a few other in TK Maxx. It wasn't the one I was most looking forward to getting, but I'm glad I've got it! It's a muddy bronze with gold shimmer and looks amazing with a tan!

2 Coats
Pros & Bronze - My final one from the Serena Collection... I think! A great mixture of sparkle going on here! A huge array of golds and bronzes! Very eye catching.
1 Coat

The Man With The Golden Gun - 18 carat gold top coat. I think that says enough don't you? I'm a very lucky girl! My Boyfriend got me this as part of my Christmas present and it's just beautiful! I love it but I don't want to waste it at the same time, dilemma! from the Skyfall Collection.
3 Coats
 Golden Eye - 'All eyes will be upon you when you wear this glorious gold.' From the Skyfall Collection, a super glittery gold, which was obviously needed for a 007 collection! Looks amazing over the top of The Spy Who Loved Me, not a colour I would wear alone, coverage isn't that great!

1 Coat plus Start-To-Finish Top Coat
 Gold Shatter - A really pretty colour but I don't really see why it's a shatter?! You can't really see past the glitter to see the pattern it makes, would make more sense if it was a shimmery gold polish rather than being pack with glitter.

2 Coats
Hot & Spicy - From the Hong Kong Collection, this is a beautiful coral-orange. A really pretty, easy to wear creamy colour.

I do have a No.36, but I've lost it for the second time! I have no idea where it is but its Pepe's Purple Passion from The Muppets Collection! On the hunt for it now...
I may do a collection post on my other Polishes... I have so many Barry M and Nails Inc colours! Will wait and see..
Love & Peace! x