Friday, 27 January 2012

Valentines Eye Makeup... No.1 Take 2.

Okay so this is the same as my first Valentine's look, I've just done the whole face instead of just one eye! haha Also, It's my birthday this weekend so need a look for when I go out! So was doing this as a bit of a test run! Please let me know what you think :)

If you want to see close up pictures of my eye makeup, there's a whole post on it two posts before this one!
Very simple look colour wise... white, black and a light brown/ nude. All you really need is a nice array of brushes and a felt tip eyeliner, You can get such perfect sharp lines!

The top picture is from my previous post, pretty much exactly the same eye but with bigger lashes and more glitter! I teamed it up with a LOT of glitter this time! And some huge thick black lashes from Eyelure! (No.107) When using a lot of black for a smokey eye I think you need to be a bit more daring with eyelashes and really go big! Without falsies I'd look like I didn't have any!
When there's so much going on with the eyes I find a nude lip very flattering, and makes sure all the attention is on your eyes!

aaaand because I can't help myself...

click to enlarge photos! They look much better... haha

I get way too bored in front of the camera....

If you want to know what I used for my eyes...
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
ELF white matte eyeshadow (don't know if it has a name but it's my favourite white!)
No.7 Kohl Liner in Black
Sleek black matte eyeshadow
Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Noir - Black
Mac Plush Lash Mascara
Eyelure 107

Love & Peace x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Valentine's makeup take 2...

Hello lovelies! How is everyone? Looking forward to Valentines?...

I recently got the 6 in 1 on the go palette by ELF and have been playing around with it trying out different looks! This is my most recent and the one I've been wearing the most!

I'm in love with it! It's a sultry, smokey purple eye with a good load of contouring and soft nude lips. I did do it with a creamy pink lip too which looked lush as well!

Right basically, I can't chose a favourite photo so you're getting them all! Click on any image to enlarge

First off with a nude lip, I went for a mix of Natural Nymph and Nostalgic by ELF and OPI tease-y does it lip gloss (clear jelly with gold micro glitter)

Up close it doesn't look like my does it? It's just a very ombre-styled purple smokey eye! Very simple winged eyeliner, nothing fancy.

REALLY can't keep a straight face! haha And seeming I used to always add a stupid face at the end, I thought I'd throw it in ;)
Same eyes, new lips. A really gorgeous Pink! Made using Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn, Fearless by ELF and Natural Nymph. Totally addicted to making my own lip colours!!

This was the next day, I did the same eyes but changed the lips up again and added an apricot tint! I love orange and purple together! It rocked! I made this colour with Barry M's 53, Captivating by ELF and Natural Nymph (again) also by ELF.

PS, How cute is my horse/lace top!! £6 from Primark! AND I bought myself a new charger so WOHOO! I have a camera again!

Love & Peace xx

Friday, 20 January 2012

America, FUCK YEAH!

Am I allowed to swear in a title? We'll soon find out if it gets taken down....

So anyway I'm pretty excited. I live a pretty dull life during the winter on the Isle of Wight because there is shit all to do so summer's coming early for me this year! As I'm heading off to Florida in March! WOOOOO!!

There was a little mis-hap which led me to applying for a Visa though... however I was approved yesterday so I can now start to look forward to my holiday! Although It's my first time flying and I'm sooooooo SOOOOO scared!!! (first flight is to Georgia though which is kind of cool seeming it's my name! Going to buy everything that says Georgia on it! haha)

Shopping on Oxford Street, London was the death of my though... 4 bikinis, 1 suitcase and shit loads of clothes later, I am ready for my holiday but SKINT! Luckily I have a few more paydays to go before we are off! Basically I was wondering where are the best places to shop!!

I want to stock up big time on some new makeup/nail varnish/clothes/random crap I don't actually need and I really want to try out some brands I can't get in the UK! So If there's anyone out there kind enough to reply and let me know, It was be pretty awesome!

Love & Peace! xx

ps; I swear a lot. Sorry about that.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Valentines Eye Makeup...

It might be a bit too soon to start worrying about Valentine's day, but if you want to look your best, it takes a little practise! So I thought, why not start now, and by then perfect the look?!

I found a very gorgeous eye shadow look on the Internet and immediately saved it onto my computer. I did this months ago and only just have enough confidence to try it! All the photos are only of my eye look though, It was very late at night when I did it and I didn't do a whole look! But will definitely do it soon!

This was my final look and I love it! I would have applied false lashes but lost my tweezers and seriously, I can't apply them without them! It's a very easy look to achieve! All you need is three eye shadows and a sprinkle of glitter!
I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and a black kohl eyeliner as a base, then set the jumbo pencil with a white eyeshadow (my favourite from ELF, SO pigmented!) then blended and contoured with a matte black (from NYX) and a nude/light brown to soften the black below my brow bone. I added a little liquid eyeliner to my inner tear duct to create a cat eye and a few coats of MAC's zoom lash black last mascara.
Finally I added a little glitter to the centre of my eyeliner. I recommend NYX's glitter pots.

This was the look I was going for! How do you think I've done?

If I added false lashes I'm sure I never would have wanted to take it off! Will definitely be wearing it the next time I go out! It's very simple to do and looks fantastic! Very eye catching and perfect for Valentine's, don't you think?
Pair with some dramatic contouring and soft nude lips.

Pretty Please let me know what you guys think! Really do love hearing from you :)

Love & Peace x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blink+Go Brights Palette!

In last month's Glossybox I received this lovely looking Blink+Go Colour Tones Eyeshadow and Blush palette, and I know a lot of people who received it didn't like it very much because the bright colours scared them!
Unlike most people, I love it! The colours are super soft and super pigmented! This is what the website says about it...

'Make your eye colour pop. This vibrant colour palette contains six catwalk-inspired shades (includes pink, blue, lilac, green, gold and a cream highlighter) a range of high-fashion colours that give an immaculate finish and enable you to create a look as subtle or dramatic as you dare. Mix and match the soft pastel peach and apricot blush for your own unique finish.'
The only thing I don't like about the palette, is because they're all such bright colours you can't really get a whole look out of it! You have to be able to get your hands on some other eye shadows to make a real 'eye-popping' look!
Here's a quick swatch of all the colours :) They have a satin finish and are super soft! I was really impressed with the pigmentation of these! Specially the Green, yellow and white! I can't work out which is my favourite colour though! I do love the green... It's like no other colour I've got!

With flash.
I have to admit, I am stunned by the blush! Neither of them are colours I would have ever chosen, but they have quickly become my go-to colours! Mixed together they are beaut!
They have a slightly chalky finish to them, and the light pink/peach has a touch of shimmer to it, whereas the Apricot is matte.
Without flash.
I swatched the eye shadows with no base (right) and using my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk on the left.
You can tell the difference! I seriously don't know how I lived so long without it in my life!!! Its fantastic! By the end of the year I wouldn't be surprised if I had one in every colour...
Please excuse the quality of the pictures!
Still can't find my camera charger...

These are just a couple of looks I've done using the palette! This is my 'Winter Bunny' look! Lots of bright, pastel colours! For this i used all the colours apart from green and yellow.

For my mascara, I use Mac's Zoom Lash Black Lash, eyebrows - Stila brow set in Warm.

For people who aren't as adventurous! Use the colour of your choice and mix with a little mixing solution or water to create a gorgeous bright eyeliner! Apply using an angled brush for solid colour and sharp lines!

Very quick and easy to do! Kept my eyeshadow simple, just a natural smokey eye :)

but for the very adventurous...

Team it up with some bright purple lippy (airborne unicorn, Lime Crime) and some purple eyebrows!
Do you like my trout pout?

If you got this palette in your Glossybox, what did you think of it?
You can purchase this palette from the Blink+Go website for £14.95 :)

Love & Peace x

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Love & Peace x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lime Crime Love...

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a lovely NYE! I'll post some pictures of mine in a later post :) I've been so slack with posts lately because I've been MEGA busy! Whilst everyone's had a lovely relaxing Christmas I've been working! Your sympathy please... haha

Anyway this is just a post on a wonderful new products that I'm totally in love with!

It was about 2am the day after pay day and the money was already burning a hole in my pocket! So what else do you do? You buy purple lipstick! Obviously...

This here is the gorgeous creature itself. It's my first purchase from Lime Crime and I certainly wasn't disappointed! I checked out the reviews online and it was pretty much half and half/ Love and Hate.
I picked up Airborne Unicorn for £11.50 which is this gorgeous bright purple colour! When I first put it on it was a 'WOAHH' moment for sure! But the more you wear it, the more you get used to it!

Picture quality sucks I know. But it's payday on Friday so hopefully I'll get myself a new camera!! This is how the lippy looks on anyway... It's super pigmented and really creamy! I have played around with it a bit, and if you apply a translucent powder over the top it easily goes matte and lasts forever.

And because I can't take a normal picture of myself, here...

I seriously am in LOVE with Lime Crime! I already have my eye on some of their carousel lip glosses and their eye primer! Every review I've seen has said how amazing it is! The only negative I've found is the price! It's pretty pricey however at Lime Crime is currently on sale! You can pick up a lipstick for £7.50 which I will definitely be doing! I just don't know what colour to go for next...

See my problem? They're all so gorgeous! If you were wondering, Airborne Unicorn is the one above the black :)

Love & Peace xx