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Hi Blog World! Thankyou so much for checking out my Blog! Where I live on the IOW in the UK, people usually look at me as if I'm crazy when I start talking about make-up! So this really is the only way I get to express my passion for make-up! So thankyou!

I always love hearing from people with the same interests as my own, so if anyone ever wants a chat I'm always here! Please feel free to contact me!
Questions, Comments, Advice, Personal or Professional, or just to complain about the weather - I'm here!

Any further information you'd like or if you'd like to put something forward to me I'm always open to new ideas!

just email me at:

alternatively, you can tweet me!

EnchantedMakeup account: @EnchantedMakeup
Personal account: @georgialillian

Love & Peace x