Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

Ok so slightly excited about Christmas even thought im going to be working everyday until next Wednesday! Never mind...

To get jn the spirit of Christmas we are allowed to dress up at work but I don't have anything! So I've just done bild makeup instead :) (with a Santa hat, of course!)

This was my look for today, I used my blink and go palette, sleek storm and nyx 78 eyeshadow palette to get the look :) hope you like it and have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Love and peace x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Candy Cane Eyes!

Hey Guys!! It's less than two weeks till Christmas! Anyone else excited?
I'm working over Christmas and we're allowed to dress up at work so I wanted to do something OTT makeup wise! I'm thinking of going as an Elf so I've gone for candy cane eyes! (because Elf's love sugar ;) )

I'm soo upset that I can't find my camera charger!! I'm going to have to buy a new one because I'm finding it hard to live without!! failing that... I might buy a new camera! The Nikon 1 looks pretty cool...

To create this looks I used my NYX 78 shadow palette, along with red and white MUA eyeliners.
I started off by lining where I wanted my cut crease with a black eyeliners, and then created the candy cane look on my eyeliner with eyeliner, and then went over the top with the co-ordinating eyeshadow colours.
For the crease I went in with a light green first, and then went over it with Mac's woodsmoke and NYX black eyeshadow.
My mascara, as always is Mac's zoom black lash mascara :)

I'm a complete idiot and forgot to put any products on my face! I don't even have foundation on! So out of the photos I took, this was the best one I could find!

On my lips is Elf's Fearless Lipstick. It's such a gorgeous creamy red!

hope you guys like my look :) please leave me a comment!
Love & Peace x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Green and Gold Eyes....

I'm feeling super christmassy this year! Working in a shop, it's kind of pushed in your face all the time! Really getting into doing Christmas makeup so here's another eyeshadow look :) The gold looks a heck of a lot more yellow on here which is kind of annoying... looks better gold!

Eyebrows are a mess, sorry about that. And I STILL can't find my camera charger! D':
Anyway... It's a pretty basic look, I did add some glitter over the top which you can see in the last photo and it look beautiful but didn't come up very well in photos.

The majority of the colours were from my NYX 78 eyeshadow palette. I am totally in love with this palette! It has pretty much every colour I'd ever need in it! For my brow highlighter I used Mac's 'Baby, It's cold...' and in the crease 'Woodsmoke' both from their glitter and ice collection.

I was chuffed to see this pic on the first page on the pics on beautylish! I know it sounds ridiculous but it made me smile like mad! :)

My mascara is Mac's zoom fast black lash and is my current favourite. I used to use Maybelline's colossal mascara but I always ended up with panda eyes where it rubbed off! I've not had a problem at all with this one!
My eyeliner is maybelline's gel eyeliner in black. Gel eyeliner is always my go to eyeliner! For me it lasts 10x longer than any other eyeliner.

In this pic you can just about make out the glitter! It really didn't want to photograph which sucks because it looked gorgeous!

I hope everyone's feeling nice and christmassy! I'm addicted to listening to Sugarland's album, Green and gold at the moment! Gonna start on the xmas movies soon! Already watched Love Actually but that's a film you have to watch at LEAST 3 times before Christmas! I'm thinking Elf next though...

Love & Peace! xxx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Pudding Nails!

Christmas is just around the corner and being as sad as I am, I've done some funky ass nails! They're lil' Christmas Puddings and I'm in love with them!
I've done them on false nails because I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish to work! BOO!
Tools needed: large and small dotting tool. (I cheat and use different size pins and toothpicks!)
                      you could also use rhinestones for the holly, optional.

Nail varnishes I used: OPI Alpin Snow, OPI Tease-y does it, Barry M 115, No7 Devil's Delight, the green is a franken I did myself :), Maybelline salon manicure top coat.

This little beaut should be the outcome :D sadly I've lost my camera charger so shuddy pics, sorry!

First off I did a white base coat using OPI Alpine Snow, then a coat of barry m, just to get a nice solid base colour.

Then, either 1 or 2 coats of OPI Tease-y does it. I think it's my Favourite ever nail polish! It's soo gorgeous! It's just so many colours in one! Brown, red, gold, purple.... just gorgeous!

Nice clean table eh? Once it's all dry, grab a large dotting tool and the white again, and make uneven dots all joined in a line, so it looks like drips! Then join it all up at the top. :) Simples

This really is the only tricky bit! Use a small dotting tool, toothpick, whatever to create three small red berrys top-centre of the nail. Then, the holly! I hated doing this bit! I cheated and used an old pair of tweezers! the slanted edge was the perfect shape for the holly leaves, I didn't want to do into too much detail with them because I would have ruined them probably!
Alternatively, you could used rhinestones which looks super cute too!

And then you're near enough done! I left mine for a day and then added a top coat, I didn't want to do all that work and then smudge it! Just make sure they're mega dry before you add yours!

Broken down into steps this look is really easy to do! Please give it and go and post your looks!

Hope every ones getting in the christmassy mood!

Love & Peace x