Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Candy Cane Eyes!

Hey Guys!! It's less than two weeks till Christmas! Anyone else excited?
I'm working over Christmas and we're allowed to dress up at work so I wanted to do something OTT makeup wise! I'm thinking of going as an Elf so I've gone for candy cane eyes! (because Elf's love sugar ;) )

I'm soo upset that I can't find my camera charger!! I'm going to have to buy a new one because I'm finding it hard to live without!! failing that... I might buy a new camera! The Nikon 1 looks pretty cool...

To create this looks I used my NYX 78 shadow palette, along with red and white MUA eyeliners.
I started off by lining where I wanted my cut crease with a black eyeliners, and then created the candy cane look on my eyeliner with eyeliner, and then went over the top with the co-ordinating eyeshadow colours.
For the crease I went in with a light green first, and then went over it with Mac's woodsmoke and NYX black eyeshadow.
My mascara, as always is Mac's zoom black lash mascara :)

I'm a complete idiot and forgot to put any products on my face! I don't even have foundation on! So out of the photos I took, this was the best one I could find!

On my lips is Elf's Fearless Lipstick. It's such a gorgeous creamy red!

hope you guys like my look :) please leave me a comment!
Love & Peace x


  1. such a pretty makeup, look so cute on you :)

    came accross your blog and I just LOVE it :)



  2. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You can see what that actually means here: http://natsbeautybits.blogspot.com/


  3. Fun! Love it! =) Great blog...Just started following =) would love if you checked mine out and followed if you like!


  4. I gave you the Versatile blogger award! Check out this post to get more info =)

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  6. <3 this! I'd love to see the eye closed

  7. thanks guys!! I tried to get a pic of my eye closed but my phone just wasn't having it! sorry!

  8. WOW ... this is gorgeous and such unique idea!


  9. Wow that's amazing! Wish I did this for my christmas party I went to!

    xx Missy

  10. Wow, this is fab! I wish I'd have seen it before xmas, would have given it a try :)
    Just stumbled on your blog, it's lovely, I'm a new follower xx

  11. Thank you so much for the follow! It really means a lot (: This candy cane eye shadow is awesome and so creative! I love it. I'm gunna keep this in mind for next year.



  12. Oh, I did candy cane eyes for christmas as well!! Beautiful, and I love how bright that red is <3

  13. Cheers guys! I loved this look too! Did it a couple of times over christmas and changed the crease colour... played around with it being burgandy, green and sparkly red! loved them all!!