Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Jerome Russell, HELP!!

I need some help please! I saw a blog post earlier (now I can't find it!) and she had highlighted her hair using the Jerome Russell Highlighting Kit. I went out and bought it today, came home, did the patch test and after about a minute it started to tingle and burn for about 30 seconds. It went a little bit red at the same time but 5 minutes later its absolutely fine! Completely gone back to normal!
I did the same behind my other ear and the same thing happened, I applied it to the inner crease on my elbow and I had no problem (this is the other place you're usually told to put it)

What do i do? Do I use it to dye my hair or not? I can try and do it without it touching my scalp? Ahhh! HELP PLEASE!!!

much love xx

E.L.F's Teal Nail Varnish

This has got to be my current favourite nail colour! It's soo pretty! And I got it for 75p!!! (ELF's 50% off discount)

It does take about 3 coats to get a good cover but it's totally worth it and so long lasting! The bottles are quite a big size, It doesn't say on the bottle and I threw the box it came in away but I'd say it was about 10ml, so the same as Barry M polishes.

It's a gorgeous green colour that looks lovely just on it's own like this, but also is fantastic for using in marble nail art. It dries quick on the nail but in water it doesn't dry as quick so you still have time to do some cool patterns.

After a few days of having it just as it is, I went over the top with the Matte nail finisher from ELF which makes it look even better!! I am hooked on this stuff! I apply it over all my nail varnish just to see what it looks like and I always love it!

This is it with the Matte finisher on over the top, it basically takes away any shine or glossy finish. I also stamped on a few pretty white flowers which looks really cute :) I did this using my Konad Stamps, which are fantastic!

I realised that I hadn't done a nail art post in a while so I thought I better! I have another one ready to upload as well :) Will most likely do it later today.

Love & Peace x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Hazy Hazel....

My mum ordered herself an eyeshadow quad from E.L.F and I was a bit jealous when I saw it! The colours looked so gorgeous! I asked her if I could borrow it (I think she was expecting that!) and so this was my look yesterday :)

I love how it makes my eyes look so bright! So in love with this little quad! I think this look would work perfect day or night and having the 4 colours all together it's perfect for sticking in your bag if you ever needed a little touch-up.

The colours are so pretty! A few shimmers and the dark brown is a gorgeous matte and it's soo pigmented! I was really impressed! I didn't get myself any because I thought the colours weren't going to be that great (seeming it was only £1.50!) but they're lovely! The purple isn't very bright, thought it was going to be a more vibrant colour, but wasn't vibrant enough for me! So today I added a little urban decay Late Night over the top which looked lovely!

I used just a matte white eyeshadow from Rimmel as my highlighter, the glorious waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F (can't rave about it enough!) and Mac's Plush Lash Mascara, as always!

Love this look! Very Simple but looks so good! Really pleased with it, will definitely be purchasing it for myself and also some others! If there's any you can recommend then please do!

Love & Peace x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nicki Minaj Bed Rock inspired look

So, my friend is going to the Bestival this year dressed as Nicki Minaj and I said that I would do some make-up looks to suit her look. She wants to go as Nicki Minaj from the Superbass video but the Bed Rock look was much more colourful and I couldn't help myself! I had to give it a go! So, this is my take on Nicki Minaj :)

My look isn't exactly the same as you can tell! It's a lot softer than Nicki Minaj's but my friend isn't keen on wearing a lot of color! So what I've done is kept it mainly on the eyes and just used a light pink on my lips and cheeks. 

I used  a new eyeshadow palette which I got the other day and so far I'm loving it! It's the poptastic palette by collection 2000 and cost just under £5! I also used waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F and MAC Plush Lash mascara.

I've got so many different palettes and single eye shadows though that it's starting to annoy me, having to go through them all! So I'm thinking of de-panning them and putting them all into a larger palette, not sure though - what do you guys think? Good idea?

And once again... my stupid face :)

Gotta love the stupid face!
Just a little note: The eyeliners on my hand has been on all day, was checking to see how well they lasted, The one which is still going strong is the waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F! It's amazing!!!

Love & Peace x

E.L.F eyeliner review!

It's taken me a while to realise I need to review my products!! I said i would in my E.L.F haul post so I guess I should!

I bought so much (2 orders in 2 weeks amounting to £100!!) that I'm going to have to do it in sections! Starting with Eyeliners!

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. 

This one I was most worried about, I've tried a few eyeliner pens in my time and I've hated all of them! I even sent the Bourjois one back it was so bad! However my faith has been restored! I've wanted one for ages so I can do some intricate detail and this is perfect! I've had it about a month now and it hasn't dried up, still works as well as it did the first time I used it, and the staying power is incredible! For £1.50 I am super impressed!
Applying takes a little longer than with a liquid eyeliner but it's a lot easier to get the perfect shape and wing. It's a matte black & even works on the waterline! I will do swatches of the products at the end.
 Cream Eyeliner - Midnight.

I already have a black gel eyeliner so I thought I'd go for a slightly different colour, not having a navy eyeliner (and regretting it) I thought I better pick one up. So far, I'm not overly impressed. I was expecting it to be like a gel eyeliner but It really is more of a cream. The staying power isn't fantastic and being a cream you can't really brush it on because it just moves! if you did one coat it would look OK, if you went over with another it wouldn't apply more product, it would take away what you've already applied! 
The colour is lovely and although I'm not a fan of using it as an eyeliner I'm sure it would make a nice eyeshadow base for dark colours, will have to give it a go! At £3.50 (one of the more expensive products!) It's still a good price, but I prefer the cheaper eyeliners E.L.F has to offer!

Brightening Eyeliner - Black.
Another bargain at £1.50! (sorry not photo for this one) A very simple black eyeliner which easily glides on without hassle. The colour isn't extreme black but for under the lower lashes on a smokey eye it looks lovely. It works well on the waterline but again, the colour isn't great. I'm still in search of a perfect black eyeliner! However, at the moment this is my go to eyeliner for my waterline, it's not too dark that it makes my eyes look smaller but has enough colour to make my look appear complete.

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Twinkle Teal & Plum Passion

Hello new favourite thing in the world! I love this product!! For a start, the pencil sharpener in the lid is a life saver! I am prone to losing my sharpeners so this is just fantastic!!
The colours these eyeliners come in are so beautiful! I Think I must have picked the most adventurous colours too! They slide on very easily and the colour is gorgeous! Not as bright as shown on the website however but with a little helping hand I'm sure I could get them there! For shimmer eyeliners which glide on so smoothly the staying power is pretty impressive. You can wear it out all night and be sure to find it exactly where you left it when you went out! It's blendable to begin with but will dry out a little & if you don't remove it properly you will get left with a colourful stain! And once again, for £1.50, how could you say no?

Swatch time!
Ignore the Blue eyeliner swatch at the bottom! All will become clear in another post...

Without Flash

1.waterproof eyeliner pen

2.brightening eyeliner pencil
3. cream eyeliner

4. shimmer pencil - plum passion

5. shimmer pencil - twinkle teal

With Flash

Can anyone help me!?!?!?!

right, it's been happening for a few weeks now and its bugging me! I can't comment on anything on blogger!!!

I write out my comment to who ever, choose my google account, click post and then it takes me to a page saying 'georgia lillian does not have access at the time to comment' or something of the like.


I want to comment but it wont let me! Not even on my own page! I did what it told me to do and it still isn't working ¬_¬ If anyone can help, please comment and let me know what I'm doing wrong!


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Purple Daze... Updated Photos!

At the moment I'm trying to use all of my new E.L.F products to see what they're like! This is my latest :)
updated photo, better lighting!

I was using the smokey eye makeup palette, from the beauty school collection. I've got to say out of all my products from this purchase, I think this was my least favourite and most expensive! Some of the colours are so packed with glitter that it made it very difficult to actually get any colour! The black is a gorgeous smokey charcoal, not so pigmented that you have to be scared with how much you use! My favourite colour out of them all is the dark grey, its got a pearl finish and is fantastic for making a smokey eye!

To line my eyes I used the waterproof liquid eyeliner pen. I've had a few eyeliner pens in the past and I haven't liked any of them! They've dried up quickly and have been difficult to use; however, I love this one! So far it hasn't dried up which is great, and its super easy to apply. Perfect if you wanted to do some intricate detailing, will definitely be getting it out at halloween for doing some spiderwebs!

On my lips I've used Fashionista Lip Stain and on my cheeks, Blush in Pink Passion and All Over Colour Stick in spotlight (as a highlighter)

So that's that :) Please let me know if there's any E.L.F products you like! I'm always keen to try new things! Bought some more from their site the other day, will do a haul blog later

Love & Peace x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Konad Nail Stamps!

I first saw Konad Nail Stamping when Xsparkage reviewed it on YouTube and ever since I've wanted one! Why it took me so long to get it I don't know!
I bought this last week and I've tried it out a couple of times but still haven't completely got the hang of it, just messing about and seeing what I can do with it at the moment really.

I bought mine off Amazon but It's available from ebay and obviously their own site too. This set cost me £16 and it's totally worth it! The nail varnishes smell a lot like tippex (not a bad thing) and they're a lot thicker than a normal varnish and dry super quick! But still wait a little while before you put on a top coat in case it smudges! 

This is my second attempt...

I haven't cleaned it up in this picture (obviously) and it was only my second time using the stamps so it's not great! The only thing that's a little bit tricky is trying to get the stamp in the right place, I think it's going to take a little practise!

I can't wait to do some more looks with the stamps! I already have my eye on some new plates and varnishes...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

E.L.F make-up look

I was overly excited this morning when I got my order from E.L.F and had to do a look! I've been playing all day and so far I love pretty much everything!
Not really keen on the lip primer and plumper but I've only used it once so will wait and see if it can change my mind. Also, I know everyone raves about it but so far I haven't seen what was so great with the HD powder. But once again will wait and see, only used it once :)

So, here's my look!

click on pics to enlarge

The only products I used that wasn't E.L.F was my Mac mascara, max factor foundation and The dark green eyeshadow which is MUA.

Out of  everything my favourite buys are probably the mineral infused face primer, all over colour stick in spotlight, powder brush and the contouring blush and bronzing duo. Now I haven't used everything yet so these are my favourites so far! The primer is so thick that you don't even need to use a whole pump of the stuff, it goes a long way and makes your skin really smooth. The colour stick is perfect for highlighting, the brush is incredibly soft and the contouring duo is perfect! The shades are just right for a blush and contour.

For some reason my camera didn't want to pick up the colours of my eyeshadows but it's much greener in real life!

On my eyes I used all the colours from the smokey eyeshadow palette apart from the purple and the waterproof eyeliner pen (which works really well) I also got the bamboo blending eye brush but I'm not overly excited about this. It's very light (bamboo, duh) which makes it a bit harder to use if that makes any sense?! But it also seemed to eat my eyeshadow! I put quite a lot on the brush and got very little off. (This is just first impressions, may completely change my mind later on!)

On my lips I used the primer and plumper, so far not too sure on this... will report back. I also used the lip stain in Fashionista. The colour is beautiful but I ate my dinner and poof, it had all vanished. Being a lip stain I thought it might hold a bit better but no such luck, however I did put primer and plumper on first so maybe that didn't help! Will try it again without.

Overall I am thrilled with my purchases from E.L.F and I cannot wait to get some more things! I've already started up a wishlist and will definitely be getting my friends presents from here in the future!

I hope you like the look and just because I have to, here's my stupid face. Peace x


I am sooo happyyyyyy!!! Totally wasn't expecting to get it today! It's taken so long!! But finally I've gotten my E.L.F makeup :D

Some of the bits are my mums but I will review some of the other stuff :) Maybe not all of it, but I will mention it in my blogs :)

I've already done one look using the products, will post it up later today. So far, loving E.L.F!

Love & Peace x

Pigments & Palettes' Fantastic Giveaway!

The lovely lady that is Meredith Jessica is doing a fantastic $200 giveaway to celebrate her 200+ followers!
She is a very talented blogger please check out her looks, they are AMAZING!

Click here to go to Pigments and Palettes giveaway page.
Rules are very simple, more details on her page :)

good luck xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blue Smokey Eye

This to me is my 'John Smith' look. I got my inspiration for the colours from Pocahontas. John Smith's uniform was mainly greys and blues so I used those colours to create this look.

I used a eyeshadow duo in Star Light from color trend, Avon and my Sleek Storm Palette,  using the grey and dark blue. Also from the Acid Palette by Sleek I used a little of the blue's just to make it a little brighter.

I decided that I didn't think it was blue enough so I added blue kohl eyeliner just under the outer half of my eye, totally made this look, I love it!

And because I seem to take so many of them, here's my stupid face!

Love & Peace x

Please let me know what you think! xx

Shimmery Smokey Eye

Just a very quick post about a smokey eye look I did about a week ago. Totally loving the smokey eye look at the moment and trying to see how many ways I can jazz it up!

This one was done using my Sleek Storm palette, using the shimmery blues mainly. I know Having an all over shimmer eye can be a bit overwhelming but with this colour combination it looked pretty good! And I was out at night as well so it was a lot harder to notice!

I kept the rest of my face very simple and neutral. When I have a lot of colour on my eyes I don't like doing too much on the rest of my face! I feel like it can be way too much sometimes! I'm not very adventurous with lip products but I've ordered a few from E.L.F to try and get me into it! Also I really want to get the paint pots from Sleek which are a bit like the lip tars from OCC. They look amazing! cannot wait until they're on sale!

Also, my stupid face! I think this is going to be a reoccurring thing... I seem to always take a photo of myself looking like a muppet. So here it is! Also, You can see my colourful manicure! Is a bit of a funny one but it looked kind of cool, I just seemed to of run out of ideas on what to do with them that day!

Anyway, that was that. Was meant to be a quick blog, took a bit longer than expected!
Love & Peace x