Saturday, 6 August 2011

E.L.F make-up look

I was overly excited this morning when I got my order from E.L.F and had to do a look! I've been playing all day and so far I love pretty much everything!
Not really keen on the lip primer and plumper but I've only used it once so will wait and see if it can change my mind. Also, I know everyone raves about it but so far I haven't seen what was so great with the HD powder. But once again will wait and see, only used it once :)

So, here's my look!

click on pics to enlarge

The only products I used that wasn't E.L.F was my Mac mascara, max factor foundation and The dark green eyeshadow which is MUA.

Out of  everything my favourite buys are probably the mineral infused face primer, all over colour stick in spotlight, powder brush and the contouring blush and bronzing duo. Now I haven't used everything yet so these are my favourites so far! The primer is so thick that you don't even need to use a whole pump of the stuff, it goes a long way and makes your skin really smooth. The colour stick is perfect for highlighting, the brush is incredibly soft and the contouring duo is perfect! The shades are just right for a blush and contour.

For some reason my camera didn't want to pick up the colours of my eyeshadows but it's much greener in real life!

On my eyes I used all the colours from the smokey eyeshadow palette apart from the purple and the waterproof eyeliner pen (which works really well) I also got the bamboo blending eye brush but I'm not overly excited about this. It's very light (bamboo, duh) which makes it a bit harder to use if that makes any sense?! But it also seemed to eat my eyeshadow! I put quite a lot on the brush and got very little off. (This is just first impressions, may completely change my mind later on!)

On my lips I used the primer and plumper, so far not too sure on this... will report back. I also used the lip stain in Fashionista. The colour is beautiful but I ate my dinner and poof, it had all vanished. Being a lip stain I thought it might hold a bit better but no such luck, however I did put primer and plumper on first so maybe that didn't help! Will try it again without.

Overall I am thrilled with my purchases from E.L.F and I cannot wait to get some more things! I've already started up a wishlist and will definitely be getting my friends presents from here in the future!

I hope you like the look and just because I have to, here's my stupid face. Peace x


  1. I can't believe your eye colour. Between green and blue? So gorgeous. Lucky you :)
    Lovely look by the way.

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