Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blue Smokey Eye

This to me is my 'John Smith' look. I got my inspiration for the colours from Pocahontas. John Smith's uniform was mainly greys and blues so I used those colours to create this look.

I used a eyeshadow duo in Star Light from color trend, Avon and my Sleek Storm Palette,  using the grey and dark blue. Also from the Acid Palette by Sleek I used a little of the blue's just to make it a little brighter.

I decided that I didn't think it was blue enough so I added blue kohl eyeliner just under the outer half of my eye, totally made this look, I love it!

And because I seem to take so many of them, here's my stupid face!

Love & Peace x

Please let me know what you think! xx

1 comment:

  1. Now that you mention it, it does look quite inspired by John Smith. It has that metallicy armory sheen to it, very cool.

    To answer your questions about reblogging and sidebar images, reblogging is just making a short post about that person's blog/giveaway. To put an image in your sidebar go to Design, add widget, add picture. Once that window pops up it will prompt you to add a picture and a link, so you would just use the banner image and the link to the giveaway post.

    Might come in handy for future giveaways as these are common requests bloggers make. Hope that helped, sorry for writing a short novel!