Monday, 8 August 2011

Konad Nail Stamps!

I first saw Konad Nail Stamping when Xsparkage reviewed it on YouTube and ever since I've wanted one! Why it took me so long to get it I don't know!
I bought this last week and I've tried it out a couple of times but still haven't completely got the hang of it, just messing about and seeing what I can do with it at the moment really.

I bought mine off Amazon but It's available from ebay and obviously their own site too. This set cost me £16 and it's totally worth it! The nail varnishes smell a lot like tippex (not a bad thing) and they're a lot thicker than a normal varnish and dry super quick! But still wait a little while before you put on a top coat in case it smudges! 

This is my second attempt...

I haven't cleaned it up in this picture (obviously) and it was only my second time using the stamps so it's not great! The only thing that's a little bit tricky is trying to get the stamp in the right place, I think it's going to take a little practise!

I can't wait to do some more looks with the stamps! I already have my eye on some new plates and varnishes...


  1. I think its very cute...I look forward to seeing what looks you come up with!

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