Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nicki Minaj Bed Rock inspired look

So, my friend is going to the Bestival this year dressed as Nicki Minaj and I said that I would do some make-up looks to suit her look. She wants to go as Nicki Minaj from the Superbass video but the Bed Rock look was much more colourful and I couldn't help myself! I had to give it a go! So, this is my take on Nicki Minaj :)

My look isn't exactly the same as you can tell! It's a lot softer than Nicki Minaj's but my friend isn't keen on wearing a lot of color! So what I've done is kept it mainly on the eyes and just used a light pink on my lips and cheeks. 

I used  a new eyeshadow palette which I got the other day and so far I'm loving it! It's the poptastic palette by collection 2000 and cost just under £5! I also used waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F and MAC Plush Lash mascara.

I've got so many different palettes and single eye shadows though that it's starting to annoy me, having to go through them all! So I'm thinking of de-panning them and putting them all into a larger palette, not sure though - what do you guys think? Good idea?

And once again... my stupid face :)

Gotta love the stupid face!
Just a little note: The eyeliners on my hand has been on all day, was checking to see how well they lasted, The one which is still going strong is the waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F! It's amazing!!!

Love & Peace x


  1. the eyeshadow is awesome :)

  2. That looks really nice, I like how you've done it more pastel for your skin tone, it really suits you. :)

  3. Great recreation! Very cool! Love the colors, whoever does Nicki's makeup has such an awesome gig!!