Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Jerome Russell, HELP!!

I need some help please! I saw a blog post earlier (now I can't find it!) and she had highlighted her hair using the Jerome Russell Highlighting Kit. I went out and bought it today, came home, did the patch test and after about a minute it started to tingle and burn for about 30 seconds. It went a little bit red at the same time but 5 minutes later its absolutely fine! Completely gone back to normal!
I did the same behind my other ear and the same thing happened, I applied it to the inner crease on my elbow and I had no problem (this is the other place you're usually told to put it)

What do i do? Do I use it to dye my hair or not? I can try and do it without it touching my scalp? Ahhh! HELP PLEASE!!!

much love xx

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  1. If it was a highlighting kit it would probably be the peroxide, anything above 20vol/6% would tingle alot. Most people have the reaction to it. I'd say try not to put it on your scalp, leaving it on too long could result in blisters and they're never nice. Also because its bleach when you do apply it to your hair keep a really close eye on it and look out for gummyness or a chewing gum like texture to your actual hair and just keep checking to make sure there's no breakage!

    Hope I helped!

    Jazz x