Tuesday, 30 August 2011

E.L.F's Teal Nail Varnish

This has got to be my current favourite nail colour! It's soo pretty! And I got it for 75p!!! (ELF's 50% off discount)

It does take about 3 coats to get a good cover but it's totally worth it and so long lasting! The bottles are quite a big size, It doesn't say on the bottle and I threw the box it came in away but I'd say it was about 10ml, so the same as Barry M polishes.

It's a gorgeous green colour that looks lovely just on it's own like this, but also is fantastic for using in marble nail art. It dries quick on the nail but in water it doesn't dry as quick so you still have time to do some cool patterns.

After a few days of having it just as it is, I went over the top with the Matte nail finisher from ELF which makes it look even better!! I am hooked on this stuff! I apply it over all my nail varnish just to see what it looks like and I always love it!

This is it with the Matte finisher on over the top, it basically takes away any shine or glossy finish. I also stamped on a few pretty white flowers which looks really cute :) I did this using my Konad Stamps, which are fantastic!

I realised that I hadn't done a nail art post in a while so I thought I better! I have another one ready to upload as well :) Will most likely do it later today.

Love & Peace x


  1. Omg those flower stamps are ADORABLE!!!!!

  2. Love the colour, and the flower stamps too! My first e.l.f nail varnishes are on their way, so excited!x

  3. love the color, cute stamps :-D