Sunday, 31 July 2011

MUA eyeshadows

I was SO excited when I saw that my superdrug stocked MUA! It didn't have much stuff left so I just grabbed a few eyeshadows and WOW are they amazing!

These were the only colours left, they had some nude/white's but I wasn't overly keen so I went for these beauts.

shade 8 (pearl), shade 18 (matte), shade 6 (pearl)
I love love LOVE shade 8! It's such a beautiful colour! These together would make a great mermaid look! For only £1 you'd think that something would be wrong with them... but there's nothing. The pigmentation is fantastic and there's hardly any payoff, slighly more in the pearls than the matte but there's hardly any eitherway.

I am definitely going to go and get some more of these, they are amazing. 10/10!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Proud Face

I uploaded all the pictures off my camera to see which make-up looks I haven't yet uploaded and found this fantastic photo! It's my 'look i have spiderman on my thumb, isn't it freakin' cute' face. We've all got one. Right?



I think I have a problem. Well, Obsession. I LOVE silver, gemstone rings so much that I have too many, I can't wear them all at once :'(
And I keep buying more...

I wouldn't mind, but it's £25 min a time! Nevermind, They're pretty :)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Face Mask Review.

For the past 2 weeks I've been trying out some different face masks, I did it over a long period of time because apparently It's not very good for you to do them one after the other! Also, finding time to do it was trickier than expected!

These are the little beauties that I tried, and I will apologise now, sorry for no individual photos or ones of the product of my face, I totally didn't think, nor did I want to scare anyone. It also would have been a good idea to of put them in order! In the photo above if we call them (L-R) 1,2,3,4 I actually did them in the order 3, 2, 1, 4. Does that make sense? Hopefully the review will be a bit clearer....

Ok so first off we have... Montagne Jeunesse - Blemish Mud Mask made with aloe vera & willow and meant to clear, clean & refresh your skin.
On the packet it shows someone wearing a green mud mask, so when I opened it I was kind of surprised to see that it was gray. I thought that it could've been out of date but couldn't find a date to check so that was really helpful. Anyways the mud itself didn't have much of a smell to it and being gray it already didn't seem very appealing so for looks, I wouldn't rate it much but it did seem to help my face out a bit. Whilst it was drying it did crack whenever I moved my face so watching Bridget Jones probably wasn't the wisest choice.
I saw some improvement but out of all 4 masks, this was my least favourite. It dried my skin out a lot but my blemishes did seem to of improved however, I won't be buying this one in a hurry!
Total 4/10

Next up was Superdrug's Nourishing Chocolate Mud Mask which is 'a deliciously deep pore cleanse'.
For a start, that's 2 word I would never put together; delicious, and pore. seriously?
Now looks wise, It certainly looked and felt like melted chocolate, smell wise... not so much. It was a very fake chocolate scent but if you like things like chocolate scented candles then this is right up your street. Also, IT WORKS! Although i wasn't overly keep on the smell I will definitely buy this one again for the fact that it does what it says! It pulls out all the crap you've got in your pores and I'm sure that If i used this weekly my skin would look amazing! It is also drying so using a moisturiser a few hours later would be helpful, and I would definitely do this one before bed NOT before a night out because it can leave some areas red and blotchy from where it's getting rid of all the dirt.
Total 7/10

The third one I used was Superdrug's Exfoliating Strawberry Face Mask meant to leave you with a smooth and flawless complexion. This one is by far my favourite! The best way I can describe it is by saying it's just like strawberry yogurt! It smells absolutely edible and it looks just like yogurt, including the pips from the strawberries which gives it it's exfoliating qualities. This one doesn't dry so you can watch as many comedies as you like without the fear of it cracking and going everywhere! Major plus in my books! Also, it's very moisturising and with it's exfoliating qualities it gets rid of any dry skin you have on your face and leave it looking smooth and silky. If you were looking for one to do before a night out, this is the one I would suggest! You will reap so many benefits from this mask! Its only downfall was it hurt to scrub off but that's expected.
Total 9/10

Finally I used the Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off detox and pore cleansing masque. This one is made using green tea and ginger and is meant to be re-energising and uplifting. I was recommended this one by my sister because the peel off masks are more fun and I hadn't done one before. To be honest, Not that impressed. Once again, the woman wearing the mask on the packet is fashioning a green mask but when I opened it, it came out the colour of olive oil. Not very impressed because it was hard to know where I'd put it! Also it didn't seem like I got enough in the packet! I would definitely recommend emptying it into a bowl first and applying it from there so you can see how much you've got. Also if frees up both your hands, instead if fiddling about trying to squeeze it all out! The smell wasn't strong enough to comment on and I can't say I saw many benefits. I was quite excited to peel it off when the time came and oh my god did I regret ever doing it when I started peeling! THE PAIN! Why did no-one warn me?!?! In some places it came into contact with my eyebrows and hairline and what a mistake that was! It tried to pull my hair out!
The only plus I can really see from this mask if that it takes less effort to get off. That's it.
Total 2/10 (was also fun to peel when it didn't hurt!)

So that's that. My 4 masks. Funnily enough it's Superdrug's own brand masks which came out trumps and I will definitely be buying more, and I will try some of the other ones again too, maybe I just picked the wrong ones! If you have any suggestions, let me know :)

I hate...

Whilst I've been doing some make-up looks I've realised something. I cannot stand blue eyeshadow!! No matter how hard I try, I never seem to like the look I get with it. Or lilac, It completely washes me out and reminds me of this:

Believe it or not, this is not a look I am trying to achieve.
Blue/Lilac eyeshadow always reminds me of old people. It definitely seems to be the most popular colour chosen by them, maybe they think it will brighten their eyes? I don't know.
Maybe I just need more practice with blue shadows to try and find a look that I like but for now, Totally not my thing.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Simple Seduction...

I usually do a lot of make-up looks using bright eyeshadow, mainly because it's so much fun! But I thought I'd tone it down and do a more glam, posh, bridal type of makeup look. I recently bought some new eyelashes so I also just wanted to try them out! They're from Eyelure (number 116 I think) and I'm in love with them! The only downside is the glue sucks! They're very easy to get off which means there's not much stick to them. Definitely wouldn't trust it for a night out! Invest in some duo glue, or another one which you like and these lashes will look amazing! :)

click images to enlarge
 Keeping it simple... You don't need a lot of colour to look glam. For my eyes I've done a slightly shimmery, brown smokey eye (using Storm palette from sleek) and applied a very thin line of eyeliner to my lash line. To finish I applied mac plush lash mascara and eyelure no.116 eyelashes.

Believe it or not, I've actually lightened my eyebrows by filling them with a medium brown eyebrow pencil (my eyebrows are usually more black even though I'm blonde!)
On my cheeks I've used Maybelline Dream Mousse in Mauve (no.4) and highlighted using a shimmer & shade palette from Collection 2000. To finish i used a matte translucent powder.

For my lips I used MUA lipstick in shade 4 with a clear gloss on top, I think it was Este Lauder (Did this look a while a go)

And I think that was about it :) Hope you like it
Love & Peace x

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Iron Man Nail Art!

I know it's a bad photo, it's because it was taken on my phone! I uploaded my spiderman nails to facebook and a friend then asked me to do an iron man design!

Well here it is...

It's pretty awesome but it isn't great! First attempt and all!

If anyone wants me to do a design then just let me know and i'll see what I can do :)

Love & Peace x

Spiderman nail art

I really wanted to paint my nails but I couldn't decided what I wanted to do, so on facebook I put my status as 'want to paint my nails but don't know what to do' and some-one said, what about spiderman!


I LOVE SPIDERMAN! He is my favourite superhero by far! And I didn't even think of it! I googled spiderman nail art and had a look at what some other people have done. This is mine:

sorry it's still so messy!
I LOVE THEM! Still deciding if i want to put eyes on all of them or not....Might just leave them like this!
Whilst I'm writing this i'm actually waiting for my other hand to dry, still in the middle of painting them! haha!

All you in to do this is a bright, rich red nail varnish (i'm using Bourjois 1 seconde in 7) a black nail art pen (mines models own) a well pigmented white ( mines OPI Alpine Snow) and a top coat of your choice.

If you changed the colours to black/blue, silver and white you would be able to do an awesome Venom look aswell! I would have done it but my silver nail art pen is drying out so isn't very good!

Hope you like the look of it, I love spiderman!

Love & Peace x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My model for the day...

My sister's going out on friday night and she doesn't really know what to do with her eyeshadows, so today she asked me to go over for a make-up lesson! Was so much fun! I haven't really done anyone's make-up before so was pretty cool :)

She chose what colour she wanted (green) and i went through her eyeshadows and found the best ones to suit her skin tone. Unlike me, she has quite dark skin so i used the green shades which are in Urban Decay's Book of Shadows vol II.
I never realised how hard it was to explain what I was doing whilst doing it! It was like I'd forgotten every word but 'erm' and 'well...'.

Here's the outcome...

I think the majority of the products I used were either urban decay (eyeshadow), clinique (foundation), No.7 (highlighter, blush, contour, lips.) or Benefit (concealer, primer). 

For someone who usually just uses foundation, mascara and bronzer, this is a transformation! She's also wearing her hair up which NEVER happens!
What a pretty sister I have :)

Love & Peace x

O.P.I, O.M.G

Basically, I'm in love.

Lately I've really gotten into doing nail art and I've really wanted a nice white to do bases and manicures so I was searching for a good one, that's going to be well pigmented and found Alpine Snow by OPI.
It is such a perfect white! I know that might sound stupid, white's white. But it's not!

This white is BRIGHT and it's matte which is fantastic! I didn't want a pearl finish to it and I wanted it to be pigmented enough then I wouldn't have to layer it on!

In one coat my nails look ready to go! Also, I've used it over the top of dark colours and the white stays white! (another odd thing to say) What I mean is that when you layer colours, the top colour usually gets a strange tinge of whatever colour is under neath. However, Alpine Snow doesn't.

I think this is currently my favourite nail varnish in my collection!

From OPI I also got Katy Perry's Last Friday Night. Over the white (and with a few coats) the colour is gorgeous. On its own and only one or two coats... not so great. Loads of glitter but the polish itself doesn't stand out very well and you can make out the pink under your nail. With this one I definitely advise wearing a white or a blue underneath, just to give it a bit of a boost :)

Alpine Snow

Last Friday Night

Another thing I love about OPI nail lacquers is the size! It's much bigger than a standard bottle of polish. For example, Barry M polishes are 10ml. these ones are 15ml. which is awesome, hopefully it will last a bit longer!

Love, Peace & OPI x

Monday, 11 July 2011


I finally got fed up of things falling off my table and losing certain pieces of make-up so i caved and i clean up! I've been trying to find some storage units with draws but so far i can't find any that I like but i was in poundland the other day and some some little beauty's! They're OK for now but I think I'm going to want some more! They don't fit everything in but for £1 each I can't really complain! They're a life saver!



ooh heaven is a place on earth!
 It looks soooo much better! And I LOVE being organised! It makes a change...

Love & Peace x

Nail Art

I bought the new nail art pen/brush from Model's Own and I can't stop using it! It's so much fun! I haven't used the pen bit yet, which is basically like a dotting tool, but i have been using the brush. It's a lot thinner and longer than a normal brush which is perfect for making designs.

I'll upload a few photos, some might be bad quality if i've taken it on my phone, Sorry!

I've also been playing around with my shatter varnishes, trying to see if there's anything I can do with them that looks kind of cool and so far all I've come up with is this!

for some reason it's flipped! sorry I don't know how to put it back!
I thought it looked quite cute :) a 'shattered heart'. The only other thing i've done is, i've done a rainbow base and then put shatter over the top. Very easy and looked really good!

hope you like some of the designs :) leave me a comment if you do, much appreciated!

Love & Peace x

UV eyeshadows? AWESOME!

NOW I LOVE SLEEK EVEN MORE! This is unreal! Sleek's i-divine Acid palette includes some neon colours... which glow under UV light! I'm so glad i got my UV light out to see if it actually worked, they look amazing!

The Acid palette includes 4 super bright, neon colours (the main reason why i bought the palette!) On their own they look amazing! And as i found out last night, they also look pretty darn good in UV lighting...

I am in LOVE. The other colours in the palette down glow quite so much but the purple and the raspberry pink give these neon shades a run for its money. I was wearing the purple shade last night so thought I'd try it out and it looked awesome!

My face looks AWFUL! Haha! But yeah, here you can see how bright the purple goes! Under UV it's more of a hot pink which is really cool!

Whilst i had my UV light out i did try ALL my other make-up to see if anything else glowed but no such luck apart from a neon yellow stargazer nail polish and a couple of lip glosses which turned a whitey-orangey colour...a bit weird.

This is my stargazer nail polish under the light. I was messing around with a few designs...didn't really like them much but the shattered hearts are cute :)

I am so excited about having UV sensitive makeup! I can't wait to do some looks! Will post some as soon as i do :)

Love, Peace & UV x

Friday, 8 July 2011

A few things i picked up in town...

I went into town last week with my sister and couldn't resist picking up a few new things to try.

I got Models Own nail art pen which is AMAZING! Been using it ever since i got it and it's soo much fun! Also i made some dotting tools (have no money at the moment!) and they are amazing! All you need to make some are a couple of pencils with rubbers on the end and different size pins! There's loads of tutorials and things online showing you how to make them, definitely check it out if you're into nail art :)

I've also been looking for a bright pink lipstick and found the perfect one from Barry M! Seriously, it's like barbie on steriods! It's crazy bright and will definitely be wearing it in some tutorials coming up!

And last, I really want to get my skin looking flawless so i've picked up some face masks to try out. I got 4 which i'll try out over the course of about 2 weeks and they all say they do different things like deep pore cleansing, smothen the skin out and so on, so I will post a review on them once i've finished. So far I'm half way through! So will probably post something in about a week and a half.

That's it, once i've done some nail art i'm proud of, i'll upload some pictures and will do some more makeup looks soon :)

Love & Peace x

MUA make-up looks

Basically just a few looks using the make-up i got from MUA (all in previous post) but to recap:
eye dust shade 3
eyeliner shade 1
glitter eyeliner shade 8

I also used a black and shimmery blue/green from Sleeks Storm palette. But that's pretty much it.

Love & Peace

Thursday, 7 July 2011

MUA Haul

I can't remeber how but i heard of a makeup company called MUA and the whole range was only £1! I got myself a few bits and pieces and here's a run down of what i thought :)

I'll go left to right...

To Start... Eyeliners!
The colours of both the eyeliners are lovely and very bright. However, The brush on the green liquid liner is like a stick! It's quite painful trying to put it on so you have to try and work with the brush otherwise it will cause a little bit of pain. I did get comments on how lovely the colour of my eyeliner was though! So i guess it's worth it. The glitter eyeliner in shade 8 is a gorgeous emerald green colour and looks lovely with the eyeliner i got in green.

quick swatches. (top-bottom) both together, glitter eyeliner, eyeliner
Next.... The eyedust.
I am in love. I wish they did more colours! If you wear it dry and just apply with a  brush you'll get a lovely glistening light green shade. If you mix a little in the lid with a drop of water it turns into an electric green paste which it very bright and very long lasting! And the smallest amount is needed to get this effect! (I have done a makeup look using this, will add it later) Will definitely be getting other shades, this one is shade 3 and you get loads in a pot! £1? Bargain!

I've been searching for a really nice light pink lipstick and thought I'd finally found what i've been looking for, until i put it on. It comes out a lot more sheer than i was hoping! However still a lovely colour and if you layer it up it does make a nice light pink but I want one where I can get it effortlessly.

I got them in shades 4 and 1 (1 being red, 4 being pink)
They both look very nice on and for a pound i don't think you can really complain! also, in the bottom there is a little pot of lipgloss of the same colour! I thought that was a fantastic special touch! I do like to layer gloss over lipstick and trying to find colours which match can be a bit tricky sometimes, so this made my life a lot easier!

Swatches below :)

Last but not least... blush and lipgloss.
The colour of both of these on the website were very different to what i actually got.
On superdrugs website, shade 4 of the lipgloss was very pink (i thought it would match the lipstick) but i was very wrong when i got it! It's much more a peachy colour with gold shimmer. Very nice, but wasn't what i was expecting. It isn't sticky which is great and doesn't have a cheap smell to it, it's actually quite fruity which i love.
The blush is a lot darker than what i was expecting. I like pink blush and that's about it really so when shade 3 turned up i got a bit scared! Its got a light shimmer in it and is a musky pink which if applied lightly looks ok, but applied like a normal blush and you'll look like you've painted it on.

All in all, if used correctly these products can be amazing and for £1 it's definitely worth checking out. I'm going to be purchasing some more eye dusts because i'm totally in love with the green one! Can't wait to check out some more of those and also some of the eyeshadows :) Hopefully i've been helpful!

Love & Peace xx

My Current Favourites...

I haven't done one of these before but it looks kind of fun. Basically just a collection of things I'm loving at the moment and the things i use the most :)

1. The Acid i-divine palette by Sleek.
I was watching a tutorial by xsparkage and she used this palette, she then said it was from the uk. I had to get it! And i am so pleased i did! The neon colours are amazing for doing some really cool tutorials but also the other colours are so well pigmented! I use this palette almost every day and it still doesn't look like I've used it! At £6.49 it's a bargain!

2. Barry M nail paint in Lemon Ice Cream.
This colour is perfect for summer! Everyone seems to be going yellow this season and i jumped on the wagon and got this. It isn't overly bright, it's quite a pastel colour actually which is really nice. It means you can wear it on it's own and it looks very femenine or you can team it with a more mustard colour varnish and make it really stand out. Barry M colours are also really good for marbling, they don't dry out too quickly and the colour holds really well.

3. MUA - make-up academy.
I can't remember where i heard about this company but i did and I'm very glad about it! apart from their professional range, every item is £1!!! Amazing? I think so.
It's available from superdrugs but not all of them, so i had to order it online. I didn't want to spend more than £10 and P&P was £3, but it still meant i'd get 7 items!
The photos on superdrugs website, for some of the items, weren't very true to life so I'd definitely check out of reviews to see the products a bit better!

4. Posietint from Benefit.
I got this and the benetint as freebies from a magazine (went to every newsagents to find them!) and i'm so glad i got them! Posie tint is defintely my favourite though! Tints can usually feel quite dry however this one didn't which i was very happy about and the colour is gorgeous!!! It's such a bright girly pink! Totally in love with it!

5. Bronzing stack from Ruby and Millie
Boots online has a 75% off sale on all Ruby and Millie items so i thought I'd get my hands on a few things. To be completely honest i didn't like any of the other products i got apart from this!
It's 3 little palettes which all stack up on top of each other which is really cute. On top is a cream highlighter and contour colour which are both lovely, on the bottom is a flat bronzing brush and in the middle is the bronzer. I've never really been a fan of bronzer but for some reason i really like this one! It doesn't make me look like i've been tangoed and it just makes you look like you've got a natural sunkissed look.

6. Storm i-divine palette by Sleek.
Last but not least, is my other palette from Sleek.
I ordered this along with my acid palette on a bit of a whim and i'm so glad i did. I use it every day! All the colours are totally gorgeous to be honest, they all go well together! You can get so many looks just from this palette, for £6.49 it is soo worth it!
As soon as i put some money in the bank i'm going to be getting their latest palette which is curacao. The colours in it looks stunning and so bright! The only thing that miffs me a little is that they put a black in them all! Apart from that, I can't complain! I LOVE SLEEK!

Love & Peace x

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Sorry! I've been totally slack at uploading posts lately!
However, I've got a few make-up looks to upload and also some reviews too :)
Been doing a LOT of shopping lately and have some lovely things to show you!

Will be uploaded ASAP!

Love & Peace x