Saturday, 16 July 2011

Spiderman nail art

I really wanted to paint my nails but I couldn't decided what I wanted to do, so on facebook I put my status as 'want to paint my nails but don't know what to do' and some-one said, what about spiderman!


I LOVE SPIDERMAN! He is my favourite superhero by far! And I didn't even think of it! I googled spiderman nail art and had a look at what some other people have done. This is mine:

sorry it's still so messy!
I LOVE THEM! Still deciding if i want to put eyes on all of them or not....Might just leave them like this!
Whilst I'm writing this i'm actually waiting for my other hand to dry, still in the middle of painting them! haha!

All you in to do this is a bright, rich red nail varnish (i'm using Bourjois 1 seconde in 7) a black nail art pen (mines models own) a well pigmented white ( mines OPI Alpine Snow) and a top coat of your choice.

If you changed the colours to black/blue, silver and white you would be able to do an awesome Venom look aswell! I would have done it but my silver nail art pen is drying out so isn't very good!

Hope you like the look of it, I love spiderman!

Love & Peace x

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