Wednesday, 13 July 2011

O.P.I, O.M.G

Basically, I'm in love.

Lately I've really gotten into doing nail art and I've really wanted a nice white to do bases and manicures so I was searching for a good one, that's going to be well pigmented and found Alpine Snow by OPI.
It is such a perfect white! I know that might sound stupid, white's white. But it's not!

This white is BRIGHT and it's matte which is fantastic! I didn't want a pearl finish to it and I wanted it to be pigmented enough then I wouldn't have to layer it on!

In one coat my nails look ready to go! Also, I've used it over the top of dark colours and the white stays white! (another odd thing to say) What I mean is that when you layer colours, the top colour usually gets a strange tinge of whatever colour is under neath. However, Alpine Snow doesn't.

I think this is currently my favourite nail varnish in my collection!

From OPI I also got Katy Perry's Last Friday Night. Over the white (and with a few coats) the colour is gorgeous. On its own and only one or two coats... not so great. Loads of glitter but the polish itself doesn't stand out very well and you can make out the pink under your nail. With this one I definitely advise wearing a white or a blue underneath, just to give it a bit of a boost :)

Alpine Snow

Last Friday Night

Another thing I love about OPI nail lacquers is the size! It's much bigger than a standard bottle of polish. For example, Barry M polishes are 10ml. these ones are 15ml. which is awesome, hopefully it will last a bit longer!

Love, Peace & OPI x

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