Friday, 8 July 2011

A few things i picked up in town...

I went into town last week with my sister and couldn't resist picking up a few new things to try.

I got Models Own nail art pen which is AMAZING! Been using it ever since i got it and it's soo much fun! Also i made some dotting tools (have no money at the moment!) and they are amazing! All you need to make some are a couple of pencils with rubbers on the end and different size pins! There's loads of tutorials and things online showing you how to make them, definitely check it out if you're into nail art :)

I've also been looking for a bright pink lipstick and found the perfect one from Barry M! Seriously, it's like barbie on steriods! It's crazy bright and will definitely be wearing it in some tutorials coming up!

And last, I really want to get my skin looking flawless so i've picked up some face masks to try out. I got 4 which i'll try out over the course of about 2 weeks and they all say they do different things like deep pore cleansing, smothen the skin out and so on, so I will post a review on them once i've finished. So far I'm half way through! So will probably post something in about a week and a half.

That's it, once i've done some nail art i'm proud of, i'll upload some pictures and will do some more makeup looks soon :)

Love & Peace x

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