Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Proud Face

I uploaded all the pictures off my camera to see which make-up looks I haven't yet uploaded and found this fantastic photo! It's my 'look i have spiderman on my thumb, isn't it freakin' cute' face. We've all got one. Right?



  1. Spiderman nails = pure awesome. Pretty sure I'd have a proud face at that too!

  2. great blog! Following! I love the Spiderman nails, can you believe they are making another spiderman movie? lol!

  3. Ahh I know! I can't wait for it! haha! But I saw the trailer and I can't work it out, I thought it was meant to be a prequel (is that spelt right?) but he gets bitten by a spider and stuff?! It's completely different! and thankyou for the follow! It means a lot :D xxx