Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Current Favourites...

I haven't done one of these before but it looks kind of fun. Basically just a collection of things I'm loving at the moment and the things i use the most :)

1. The Acid i-divine palette by Sleek.
I was watching a tutorial by xsparkage and she used this palette, she then said it was from the uk. I had to get it! And i am so pleased i did! The neon colours are amazing for doing some really cool tutorials but also the other colours are so well pigmented! I use this palette almost every day and it still doesn't look like I've used it! At £6.49 it's a bargain!

2. Barry M nail paint in Lemon Ice Cream.
This colour is perfect for summer! Everyone seems to be going yellow this season and i jumped on the wagon and got this. It isn't overly bright, it's quite a pastel colour actually which is really nice. It means you can wear it on it's own and it looks very femenine or you can team it with a more mustard colour varnish and make it really stand out. Barry M colours are also really good for marbling, they don't dry out too quickly and the colour holds really well.

3. MUA - make-up academy.
I can't remember where i heard about this company but i did and I'm very glad about it! apart from their professional range, every item is £1!!! Amazing? I think so.
It's available from superdrugs but not all of them, so i had to order it online. I didn't want to spend more than £10 and P&P was £3, but it still meant i'd get 7 items!
The photos on superdrugs website, for some of the items, weren't very true to life so I'd definitely check out of reviews to see the products a bit better!

4. Posietint from Benefit.
I got this and the benetint as freebies from a magazine (went to every newsagents to find them!) and i'm so glad i got them! Posie tint is defintely my favourite though! Tints can usually feel quite dry however this one didn't which i was very happy about and the colour is gorgeous!!! It's such a bright girly pink! Totally in love with it!

5. Bronzing stack from Ruby and Millie
Boots online has a 75% off sale on all Ruby and Millie items so i thought I'd get my hands on a few things. To be completely honest i didn't like any of the other products i got apart from this!
It's 3 little palettes which all stack up on top of each other which is really cute. On top is a cream highlighter and contour colour which are both lovely, on the bottom is a flat bronzing brush and in the middle is the bronzer. I've never really been a fan of bronzer but for some reason i really like this one! It doesn't make me look like i've been tangoed and it just makes you look like you've got a natural sunkissed look.

6. Storm i-divine palette by Sleek.
Last but not least, is my other palette from Sleek.
I ordered this along with my acid palette on a bit of a whim and i'm so glad i did. I use it every day! All the colours are totally gorgeous to be honest, they all go well together! You can get so many looks just from this palette, for £6.49 it is soo worth it!
As soon as i put some money in the bank i'm going to be getting their latest palette which is curacao. The colours in it looks stunning and so bright! The only thing that miffs me a little is that they put a black in them all! Apart from that, I can't complain! I LOVE SLEEK!

Love & Peace x

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