Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My model for the day...

My sister's going out on friday night and she doesn't really know what to do with her eyeshadows, so today she asked me to go over for a make-up lesson! Was so much fun! I haven't really done anyone's make-up before so was pretty cool :)

She chose what colour she wanted (green) and i went through her eyeshadows and found the best ones to suit her skin tone. Unlike me, she has quite dark skin so i used the green shades which are in Urban Decay's Book of Shadows vol II.
I never realised how hard it was to explain what I was doing whilst doing it! It was like I'd forgotten every word but 'erm' and 'well...'.

Here's the outcome...

I think the majority of the products I used were either urban decay (eyeshadow), clinique (foundation), No.7 (highlighter, blush, contour, lips.) or Benefit (concealer, primer). 

For someone who usually just uses foundation, mascara and bronzer, this is a transformation! She's also wearing her hair up which NEVER happens!
What a pretty sister I have :)

Love & Peace x

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