Friday, 22 July 2011

Face Mask Review.

For the past 2 weeks I've been trying out some different face masks, I did it over a long period of time because apparently It's not very good for you to do them one after the other! Also, finding time to do it was trickier than expected!

These are the little beauties that I tried, and I will apologise now, sorry for no individual photos or ones of the product of my face, I totally didn't think, nor did I want to scare anyone. It also would have been a good idea to of put them in order! In the photo above if we call them (L-R) 1,2,3,4 I actually did them in the order 3, 2, 1, 4. Does that make sense? Hopefully the review will be a bit clearer....

Ok so first off we have... Montagne Jeunesse - Blemish Mud Mask made with aloe vera & willow and meant to clear, clean & refresh your skin.
On the packet it shows someone wearing a green mud mask, so when I opened it I was kind of surprised to see that it was gray. I thought that it could've been out of date but couldn't find a date to check so that was really helpful. Anyways the mud itself didn't have much of a smell to it and being gray it already didn't seem very appealing so for looks, I wouldn't rate it much but it did seem to help my face out a bit. Whilst it was drying it did crack whenever I moved my face so watching Bridget Jones probably wasn't the wisest choice.
I saw some improvement but out of all 4 masks, this was my least favourite. It dried my skin out a lot but my blemishes did seem to of improved however, I won't be buying this one in a hurry!
Total 4/10

Next up was Superdrug's Nourishing Chocolate Mud Mask which is 'a deliciously deep pore cleanse'.
For a start, that's 2 word I would never put together; delicious, and pore. seriously?
Now looks wise, It certainly looked and felt like melted chocolate, smell wise... not so much. It was a very fake chocolate scent but if you like things like chocolate scented candles then this is right up your street. Also, IT WORKS! Although i wasn't overly keep on the smell I will definitely buy this one again for the fact that it does what it says! It pulls out all the crap you've got in your pores and I'm sure that If i used this weekly my skin would look amazing! It is also drying so using a moisturiser a few hours later would be helpful, and I would definitely do this one before bed NOT before a night out because it can leave some areas red and blotchy from where it's getting rid of all the dirt.
Total 7/10

The third one I used was Superdrug's Exfoliating Strawberry Face Mask meant to leave you with a smooth and flawless complexion. This one is by far my favourite! The best way I can describe it is by saying it's just like strawberry yogurt! It smells absolutely edible and it looks just like yogurt, including the pips from the strawberries which gives it it's exfoliating qualities. This one doesn't dry so you can watch as many comedies as you like without the fear of it cracking and going everywhere! Major plus in my books! Also, it's very moisturising and with it's exfoliating qualities it gets rid of any dry skin you have on your face and leave it looking smooth and silky. If you were looking for one to do before a night out, this is the one I would suggest! You will reap so many benefits from this mask! Its only downfall was it hurt to scrub off but that's expected.
Total 9/10

Finally I used the Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off detox and pore cleansing masque. This one is made using green tea and ginger and is meant to be re-energising and uplifting. I was recommended this one by my sister because the peel off masks are more fun and I hadn't done one before. To be honest, Not that impressed. Once again, the woman wearing the mask on the packet is fashioning a green mask but when I opened it, it came out the colour of olive oil. Not very impressed because it was hard to know where I'd put it! Also it didn't seem like I got enough in the packet! I would definitely recommend emptying it into a bowl first and applying it from there so you can see how much you've got. Also if frees up both your hands, instead if fiddling about trying to squeeze it all out! The smell wasn't strong enough to comment on and I can't say I saw many benefits. I was quite excited to peel it off when the time came and oh my god did I regret ever doing it when I started peeling! THE PAIN! Why did no-one warn me?!?! In some places it came into contact with my eyebrows and hairline and what a mistake that was! It tried to pull my hair out!
The only plus I can really see from this mask if that it takes less effort to get off. That's it.
Total 2/10 (was also fun to peel when it didn't hurt!)

So that's that. My 4 masks. Funnily enough it's Superdrug's own brand masks which came out trumps and I will definitely be buying more, and I will try some of the other ones again too, maybe I just picked the wrong ones! If you have any suggestions, let me know :)

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