Sunday, 31 July 2011

MUA eyeshadows

I was SO excited when I saw that my superdrug stocked MUA! It didn't have much stuff left so I just grabbed a few eyeshadows and WOW are they amazing!

These were the only colours left, they had some nude/white's but I wasn't overly keen so I went for these beauts.

shade 8 (pearl), shade 18 (matte), shade 6 (pearl)
I love love LOVE shade 8! It's such a beautiful colour! These together would make a great mermaid look! For only £1 you'd think that something would be wrong with them... but there's nothing. The pigmentation is fantastic and there's hardly any payoff, slighly more in the pearls than the matte but there's hardly any eitherway.

I am definitely going to go and get some more of these, they are amazing. 10/10!

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