Thursday, 7 July 2011

MUA Haul

I can't remeber how but i heard of a makeup company called MUA and the whole range was only £1! I got myself a few bits and pieces and here's a run down of what i thought :)

I'll go left to right...

To Start... Eyeliners!
The colours of both the eyeliners are lovely and very bright. However, The brush on the green liquid liner is like a stick! It's quite painful trying to put it on so you have to try and work with the brush otherwise it will cause a little bit of pain. I did get comments on how lovely the colour of my eyeliner was though! So i guess it's worth it. The glitter eyeliner in shade 8 is a gorgeous emerald green colour and looks lovely with the eyeliner i got in green.

quick swatches. (top-bottom) both together, glitter eyeliner, eyeliner
Next.... The eyedust.
I am in love. I wish they did more colours! If you wear it dry and just apply with a  brush you'll get a lovely glistening light green shade. If you mix a little in the lid with a drop of water it turns into an electric green paste which it very bright and very long lasting! And the smallest amount is needed to get this effect! (I have done a makeup look using this, will add it later) Will definitely be getting other shades, this one is shade 3 and you get loads in a pot! £1? Bargain!

I've been searching for a really nice light pink lipstick and thought I'd finally found what i've been looking for, until i put it on. It comes out a lot more sheer than i was hoping! However still a lovely colour and if you layer it up it does make a nice light pink but I want one where I can get it effortlessly.

I got them in shades 4 and 1 (1 being red, 4 being pink)
They both look very nice on and for a pound i don't think you can really complain! also, in the bottom there is a little pot of lipgloss of the same colour! I thought that was a fantastic special touch! I do like to layer gloss over lipstick and trying to find colours which match can be a bit tricky sometimes, so this made my life a lot easier!

Swatches below :)

Last but not least... blush and lipgloss.
The colour of both of these on the website were very different to what i actually got.
On superdrugs website, shade 4 of the lipgloss was very pink (i thought it would match the lipstick) but i was very wrong when i got it! It's much more a peachy colour with gold shimmer. Very nice, but wasn't what i was expecting. It isn't sticky which is great and doesn't have a cheap smell to it, it's actually quite fruity which i love.
The blush is a lot darker than what i was expecting. I like pink blush and that's about it really so when shade 3 turned up i got a bit scared! Its got a light shimmer in it and is a musky pink which if applied lightly looks ok, but applied like a normal blush and you'll look like you've painted it on.

All in all, if used correctly these products can be amazing and for £1 it's definitely worth checking out. I'm going to be purchasing some more eye dusts because i'm totally in love with the green one! Can't wait to check out some more of those and also some of the eyeshadows :) Hopefully i've been helpful!

Love & Peace xx

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