Monday, 11 July 2011

UV eyeshadows? AWESOME!

NOW I LOVE SLEEK EVEN MORE! This is unreal! Sleek's i-divine Acid palette includes some neon colours... which glow under UV light! I'm so glad i got my UV light out to see if it actually worked, they look amazing!

The Acid palette includes 4 super bright, neon colours (the main reason why i bought the palette!) On their own they look amazing! And as i found out last night, they also look pretty darn good in UV lighting...

I am in LOVE. The other colours in the palette down glow quite so much but the purple and the raspberry pink give these neon shades a run for its money. I was wearing the purple shade last night so thought I'd try it out and it looked awesome!

My face looks AWFUL! Haha! But yeah, here you can see how bright the purple goes! Under UV it's more of a hot pink which is really cool!

Whilst i had my UV light out i did try ALL my other make-up to see if anything else glowed but no such luck apart from a neon yellow stargazer nail polish and a couple of lip glosses which turned a whitey-orangey colour...a bit weird.

This is my stargazer nail polish under the light. I was messing around with a few designs...didn't really like them much but the shattered hearts are cute :)

I am so excited about having UV sensitive makeup! I can't wait to do some looks! Will post some as soon as i do :)

Love, Peace & UV x

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