Thursday, 23 June 2011

My nails at the moment...

Basically I'm starting to get a little bit obsessed with nail art! I've found loads of amazing tutorials on youtube and blogs and thought I'd give some a go.

This one is meant to be a bit of a gradient look, but it is my first time doing it, so they didn't turn out all that great!

To get this look i used...
You'll also need some sticky tape and a cosmetic sponge.
I do like it...but I'm not in love with the look. I followed Misschevious' youtube tutorial where she did this but with blue shades and i thought it looked amazing! Her tutorial was very easy to follow and I'm sure in time, if i tried it again i would improve! Hopefully....

Love & Peace x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day Dreamin'

I had another 15 minutes before work, so decided to do my makeup. haven't worn make-up for a few days so was quite excited to do it! haha!

So anyway, this is how it looks...

The colours i used were all in the Sleek palettes Acid and Storm. When i put on the bright pink (Acid Palette) i was a bit worried that it was going to be too bright for work! So in the end, i toned it down by going over it with the white eyeshadow in the Acid Palette. 

On the outer half of my eyelid i used the light shimmery pink from the storm palette, then in the crease i added the more burgundy (is that how you spell it?) looking eyeshadow and blended it out with a fluffy pencil brush.

Finally, I used the white from the acid palette to highlight my brow bone, used Urban Decay's oilslick eyeliner and Mac's Plush lash mascara.
To finish the over all look i used Posie-tint from Benefit on my cheeks and lips.

Job Done.

Love & Peace x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Green Fairy

I am soo in love with my new Sleek eyeshadow palettes!
This was my look for today...

I had about 15 minutes before i went to work so i decided to give myself a little make-over. I fancied something that wouldnt be too much for waitressing so I chose to use the olive green coloured eyeshadow in the Acid palette. Only then did i notice how bright it was! So i toned it town and blended it with the gorgeous shimmery dark green from the Storm palette.

To create a more in depth look i also added the black ( in both palettes) into the crease and then blended it all out with the white (Acid palette) to my brow bone.

I used a highlighter from Ruby & Mille, No.7 blush in soft damson & a Fearne Cotton lipstick (soft pink, matte) to finish off the look.

I would absolutely recommend Sleek cosmetics!! I know it's available in some Superdrugs but not many! The best place to get it is direct from their website, and if you spend over a certain amount (i think its £15) you get a free gift too!
Their eyeshadow palettes should definitely be a must have item on everyone's lists!

Love, Peace & Sleek x