Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My time in instagram...

Hey had a pretty crappy time recently so havent been posting anything, sorry guys! Heres a few pics from what ive been up to :)

my first ever hair donut :') it's finally long enough!
going coral
the story with this, is basically i had an epileptic seizure and crashed my car into tescos... SKILLZ

Confetti - £2.99

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Time in America...

*** Tried to upload this ages ago but the pictures wouldn't load! sorry! ***

Hey everyone! sorry I've been gone for so long! I've been so busy this month its insane, and it included 2 weeks in Florida which was amazing! I thought I'd just post a few of my pictures from my holiday :) I know how much I love stalking everyone else's so I thought I'd return the favour!

I bought so so much when I was out there, it was incredible! I will do a post very soon on everything I got, might have to do a separate make-up - nail varnish one though... I bought so much!

Here's just a few pics from Florida :)

my gorgeous niece and nephew

I've never been so hot in my LIFE! Oh my god! was such an amazing time and I bought so much it's insane... will put a post up very soon with everything i got :)
It was my first time flying and I LOVED IT! was an amazing experience and I hope I go back very soon! I have a ten year visa and I want to make the most of it!!

Love & Peace x

Hi guys!

Hi guys! sorry it's been so long, i've tried uploading some posts a few times but i HATE the new layout! and the photo uploader SUCKS! It wont let me upload!!!!!! AHHHHHHH

I get frustrated with my computer very easily! And when I've tried to upload about 20 photos, which takes FOREVER now, and then it just wipes them... I get very annoyed...!!!

So sorry for not posting anything for ages but until I can work out what the fucks up with this shitty new site... I'm going to be MIA! Will upload some things from my iphone, instagram stuff I guess :)

hopefully be back soon!!!!!