Sunday, 18 September 2011

X-Men Series...Mystique

I know, Mystique isn't actually an x-men, but she's in the series, so I did her! She's an awesome character and when you've got a person who's blue, you kind of have to do a makeup look for her!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm currently really ill! And I did do a look for Storm but I'm not loving it, so I'm currently oohing and ahhing whether or not to upload it!

but anyway....

My Mystique look is a very simple one, can definitely be worn out (to the right places!) but not exactly what I'd call 'daytime'. My look is based around her colours; blue, red & yellow (from her eyes) and I also tried to keep the colours in propotion as much as I could.

My Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Gash was the PERFECT colour for her hair!!! It was my main inspiration for doing this look! I didn't apply any eyelashes because sometimes they just look a bit 'too much'. The more I wore this look, the more I loved it! But I was very disappointed with the pigmentation of my blue eyeshadows from my Collection 2000 POP palette, so I also used my Sleek palette which is such a God send, my acid and storm palettes at the moment seem to have every colour I need in them! Definitely going to have to get their other palettes...

I haven't worn make-up in so long that It was a nice change to do a quick little look. Instantly made me feel better! The yellow on the inner half of my lower lash line was a nice soft colour, for me it was defintely enough, not too bold! But I do want to invest in some eyeshadows with INSANE pigmentation, so if anyone has any suggestions, then please let me know!

Let me know what you think of this look :) would be lovely to hear what you think!

Love & Peace x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

X-Men Series...Wolverine

Wolverine... The only thing that comes to my mind is the wonderful Hugh Jackman... ahhh That, and yellow and black. He really has to be the most well known character out of them all and it's clear to see why, he certainly has a presence whenever he walks in a room!

My look was based mainly from his mask in the comic books...

Obviously, my look isn't going to be O-T-T so I just did a lightly contoured, yellow lid, with big black eyeliner and some very dramatic lashes!

I know the second photo is an odd one but you can really see the eyeliner in it! I loved this look! It's soo dramatic and sultry!

I completely forgot that I had an eyeliner pen! I could have really made the points of the eyeliner precise but nevermind, my trust gel eyeliner did me proud! I could have really gone mad with this but I didn't want to ruin it so this was the finished piece.

I'm really starting to love doing this series! I've got so many ideas floating around! If there's any x-men in particular you'd like me to have a go out then please leave me a comment :)

Love & Peace x

X-Men Series...Rogue

Rogue has got to be one of the most well known x-men in the whole series. From the comics to the films, her look has changed quite a lot, however she has always has the white streak in her hair. My look is mainly based on her hair, being shown as a red/brown colour with the white streak & also the simplicity of her own make-up in the movies.

Rogue in the movie, played by Anna Paquin.
So far this isn't my favourite look from the series. I'm not going to go over board on the looks! Will try and keep the majority of them as wearable as possible!

I didn't actually realise that I didn't own a red eyeshadow!! It's so hard to find one it's unreal! However, I did have a shimmery red/brown in my sleek storm palette and I used a red eyeliner as my base, just to give the look a hit of red.
Before I did the eyeshadow, I did my eyeliner using an eye brightener from 17 and a white eyeshadow mixed with a little water. Simple!

Facial wise I didn't want to do too much because she always kept her look very simple & didn't have much colour on her cheeks or lips so I just did very simple contouring and used a lipstick a shade lighter than my natural colour.

Sorry these aren't the best photos in the world, my camera didn't like picking up the colours! This look can be very wearable, personally I would change the white eyeliner for black or brown and I'd be good to go!

Hope you like my first look, my second is going to be Wolverine! Oh Yes!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I haven't really done a series before and I really wanted to so why not! I recently joined Beautylish and I've loved all the star signs and Disney princess ones which people do so I thought I'd so something that I love!
So my series is going to be... X-MEN! Oh freakin' yes!

I love the x-men! And there are soo many characters, I don't think I'm ever going to run out of looks! However, If I do I might spread out and do some more Marvel characters. But lets wait and see...

The comics and the films see the same characters in totally different looks so where I get my inspiration from might differ. At the moment I'm gaining most of it from the films, and doing some more well known characters, then I'll spread out and do some which are a bit more unknown (they're the ones I'm most looking forward too!)
As well as make-up, I might sneak in a few nail art looks too! (like my spiderman and iron man ones!)

Well I hope you like my series, and I'll start uploading very soon! :D


What do I do to myself... I attempted to highlight my hair and somehow i've ended up with peroxide blonde hair! haha I'm still getting used to it to say the least! For some reason it's a lot more blonde at the front than the back... but i'm hoping it's not very noticeable! I've just been staring so I've realised!



It's not fantastic, but I can live with it!

Sooo tempted to dye it pink again! I think it would look amazing if I had some pastel pink in it, however i'm going to be job hunting soon so maybe not a good idea!