Thursday, 8 September 2011

X-Men Series...Wolverine

Wolverine... The only thing that comes to my mind is the wonderful Hugh Jackman... ahhh That, and yellow and black. He really has to be the most well known character out of them all and it's clear to see why, he certainly has a presence whenever he walks in a room!

My look was based mainly from his mask in the comic books...

Obviously, my look isn't going to be O-T-T so I just did a lightly contoured, yellow lid, with big black eyeliner and some very dramatic lashes!

I know the second photo is an odd one but you can really see the eyeliner in it! I loved this look! It's soo dramatic and sultry!

I completely forgot that I had an eyeliner pen! I could have really made the points of the eyeliner precise but nevermind, my trust gel eyeliner did me proud! I could have really gone mad with this but I didn't want to ruin it so this was the finished piece.

I'm really starting to love doing this series! I've got so many ideas floating around! If there's any x-men in particular you'd like me to have a go out then please leave me a comment :)

Love & Peace x


  1. I love the liner on this look! It's a super wing!

  2. So good, it really evokes the mask, like you said. Your liner application is phenomenal as well. Really good job. Keep up this awesome series.

  3. 'super wing' haha im loving that!! thank you guys so much!!! means a lot to me! xxx