Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I haven't really done a series before and I really wanted to so why not! I recently joined Beautylish and I've loved all the star signs and Disney princess ones which people do so I thought I'd so something that I love!
So my series is going to be... X-MEN! Oh freakin' yes!

I love the x-men! And there are soo many characters, I don't think I'm ever going to run out of looks! However, If I do I might spread out and do some more Marvel characters. But lets wait and see...

The comics and the films see the same characters in totally different looks so where I get my inspiration from might differ. At the moment I'm gaining most of it from the films, and doing some more well known characters, then I'll spread out and do some which are a bit more unknown (they're the ones I'm most looking forward too!)
As well as make-up, I might sneak in a few nail art looks too! (like my spiderman and iron man ones!)

Well I hope you like my series, and I'll start uploading very soon! :D

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  1. Looking forward to when you start posting looks, I love a good series!