Wednesday, 25 May 2011

To me, From Robert Pattinson!

I have to share my excitment! Now I'm not a huge fan of his but I have seen the Twilight films, and Water for Elephants so It's still kind of cool to have...

I know I'm a very lucky girl! He's a family friend so my aunt got this for me when he was in the UK for the water for elephants premier.

Also this week i won some Violent Lip temporary lip tattoos which is awesome! I can't wait to try them out!

Just wanted to share my happy days :)

Love & Peace x

Friday, 13 May 2011

Glitter Nail Varnish

In the last few weeks I have been addicted to painting my nails! I keep buying some new varnishes and seeing what i can do with them, and this is the latest trial

I absolutely LOVE my new nail varnishes!
In the photo above is Models Own's Juicy Jules (silver glitter) and Barry M's Red Glitter 150.
Barry M's glitter varnish is much finer than the glitter in Models Own's varnish which I really liked as it seemed to give a better coverage and a much brighter colour. I only needed to use 2 coats of the Red Glitter however Juicy Jule's needed at least 3 coats for your nail to be completely covered in glitter!

Both the varnishes were absolutely beautiful! They are very long lasting, didn't need a top coat and didn't chip which for me is a major plus!! The only downfall I found was that they were sooo hard to get off!! Nail varnish remover didn't make them budge! I had to soak them in dialated nail varnish remover for a while and then use nail varnish remover on cotton wool. A lot of effort! BUT, they were gorgeous! Worth it I guess :)

Love & Peace

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Playboy Bunny/ Pin up Look

Basically, my friend's birthday fell on the easter weekend this year so she decided to have a themed night out and went for playboy bunnies! I wasn't thrilled that i had to dress up however i was excited to do a make-up look to compliment the theme. The look i went for is the classic 'pin up girl' look. Nice smokey eyes and bright red lips!

                           Finished Look

To get my bright red lips i used Fearne Cotton's 'It's all about the lips' set in Vamp Red. It came with a lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss which complimented each other amazingly! To make it a bit glossier i used L'Oreal's glam shine reflexion in sheer grenadine.

To make my smokey eyes i used Rimmel's Colour Rush mono eye shadow - matte white, Estee Lauder's shimmer eyeshadow - mocha cup (63) , Urban Decay eyeshadow - oil slick and also the white and black eye shadows from the Fearne Cotton mini eye compact.
I finished my eyes off using Urban Decay's liquid eyeliner in Oil Slick (has a shimmer to it, not a harsh black) Maybelline Colossal mascara ans collection 2000 eye definer in Brown (2). (Naturally i have blonde hair but very dark eyebrows!!)

so there isn't loads more to read i'll just list the other main products!
Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - Ivory (010)
Blush: No. 7 - Soft Damson (10)
Contour: 17 blush  powder - Damson wine.
Highlighter: Estee Lauder, sorry not sure on the name of the colour! just a very light peach.

Love & Peace x

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Marble Nails!

Okay, well i was on youtube trying to find a tutorial that shows me how to make a rainbow effect on my nail, because i thought it would look pretty awesome under the black instant nail effects varnish by Barry M and i came across something called Marble Nail Art. I was amazed!
It looked pretty simple to do and so i gave it a go and ever since i've been trying out different patterns on my nails! Now i have only just started doing it so I'm not very good but i thought I'd show you my efforts!

I do still need to do some cleaning up but i thought I'd show you guys asap! I used different colour bases and just experimented with loads of different brands. The brands i thought worked the best were Max Factor, Barry M and also Fearn Cotton's nail varnishes.

Everyone has to try this! It's such an easy way of getting such a cool look! Just go onto youtube and type in Marble Nail Art and you'll find loads of tutorials! If you can it would be awesome if you showed me some of your results! (will probably turn out better than mine!)

Love & Peace x

Hello blogging world!

Hello blogging world!
I've blogged before about random things just to get the feel of it all, and now i've decided to start some make-up blogs! I completely fell in love with make-up after watching some tutorials on youtube last year and have been addicted to tutorials and blogs ever since.
I love finding out about new products and I've recently signed up to get some free samples sent to me monthly so I'll also be writting about my initial reactions to these products.

I hope you read my blog and enjoy :)

Love & Peace