Thursday, 5 May 2011

Marble Nails!

Okay, well i was on youtube trying to find a tutorial that shows me how to make a rainbow effect on my nail, because i thought it would look pretty awesome under the black instant nail effects varnish by Barry M and i came across something called Marble Nail Art. I was amazed!
It looked pretty simple to do and so i gave it a go and ever since i've been trying out different patterns on my nails! Now i have only just started doing it so I'm not very good but i thought I'd show you my efforts!

I do still need to do some cleaning up but i thought I'd show you guys asap! I used different colour bases and just experimented with loads of different brands. The brands i thought worked the best were Max Factor, Barry M and also Fearn Cotton's nail varnishes.

Everyone has to try this! It's such an easy way of getting such a cool look! Just go onto youtube and type in Marble Nail Art and you'll find loads of tutorials! If you can it would be awesome if you showed me some of your results! (will probably turn out better than mine!)

Love & Peace x


  1. Amazing! Love love love it!

    Feel free to check out my blog - am currently running my first giveaway, you should enter!


    Twitter: @cjread


  2. I know theyre awesome! Loads of tutorials on youtube, mega easy to do aswell!

    I was about to enter but must have been a day late!! The giveaway was already closed :( I'm following so will keep a lookout though :)