Wednesday, 24 August 2011

E.L.F eyeliner review!

It's taken me a while to realise I need to review my products!! I said i would in my E.L.F haul post so I guess I should!

I bought so much (2 orders in 2 weeks amounting to £100!!) that I'm going to have to do it in sections! Starting with Eyeliners!

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. 

This one I was most worried about, I've tried a few eyeliner pens in my time and I've hated all of them! I even sent the Bourjois one back it was so bad! However my faith has been restored! I've wanted one for ages so I can do some intricate detail and this is perfect! I've had it about a month now and it hasn't dried up, still works as well as it did the first time I used it, and the staying power is incredible! For £1.50 I am super impressed!
Applying takes a little longer than with a liquid eyeliner but it's a lot easier to get the perfect shape and wing. It's a matte black & even works on the waterline! I will do swatches of the products at the end.
 Cream Eyeliner - Midnight.

I already have a black gel eyeliner so I thought I'd go for a slightly different colour, not having a navy eyeliner (and regretting it) I thought I better pick one up. So far, I'm not overly impressed. I was expecting it to be like a gel eyeliner but It really is more of a cream. The staying power isn't fantastic and being a cream you can't really brush it on because it just moves! if you did one coat it would look OK, if you went over with another it wouldn't apply more product, it would take away what you've already applied! 
The colour is lovely and although I'm not a fan of using it as an eyeliner I'm sure it would make a nice eyeshadow base for dark colours, will have to give it a go! At £3.50 (one of the more expensive products!) It's still a good price, but I prefer the cheaper eyeliners E.L.F has to offer!

Brightening Eyeliner - Black.
Another bargain at £1.50! (sorry not photo for this one) A very simple black eyeliner which easily glides on without hassle. The colour isn't extreme black but for under the lower lashes on a smokey eye it looks lovely. It works well on the waterline but again, the colour isn't great. I'm still in search of a perfect black eyeliner! However, at the moment this is my go to eyeliner for my waterline, it's not too dark that it makes my eyes look smaller but has enough colour to make my look appear complete.

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Twinkle Teal & Plum Passion

Hello new favourite thing in the world! I love this product!! For a start, the pencil sharpener in the lid is a life saver! I am prone to losing my sharpeners so this is just fantastic!!
The colours these eyeliners come in are so beautiful! I Think I must have picked the most adventurous colours too! They slide on very easily and the colour is gorgeous! Not as bright as shown on the website however but with a little helping hand I'm sure I could get them there! For shimmer eyeliners which glide on so smoothly the staying power is pretty impressive. You can wear it out all night and be sure to find it exactly where you left it when you went out! It's blendable to begin with but will dry out a little & if you don't remove it properly you will get left with a colourful stain! And once again, for £1.50, how could you say no?

Swatch time!
Ignore the Blue eyeliner swatch at the bottom! All will become clear in another post...

Without Flash

1.waterproof eyeliner pen

2.brightening eyeliner pencil
3. cream eyeliner

4. shimmer pencil - plum passion

5. shimmer pencil - twinkle teal

With Flash


  1. ELF is great because you can get so much stuff for not that much! I was browsing ELF's website last night and I found a bunch of stuff that I want to try :) I really love that teal color eyeliner!

    <3 Melanie @

  2. I'm always adding things to my wishlist for the next sale they have! I think the majority of my xmas presents are going to be from E.L.F!!!