Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

Ok so slightly excited about Christmas even thought im going to be working everyday until next Wednesday! Never mind...

To get jn the spirit of Christmas we are allowed to dress up at work but I don't have anything! So I've just done bild makeup instead :) (with a Santa hat, of course!)

This was my look for today, I used my blink and go palette, sleek storm and nyx 78 eyeshadow palette to get the look :) hope you like it and have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Love and peace x


  1. Hello- this is a beautiful look u did . i love the colors u picked, im a new follower and hope u can follow back

  2. Prettyy look :) I'm now your new follower xx

  3. beaut!

  4. Love this eye look looks great on you:)
    Lovely post

  5. *new follower*
    Absolutely love the pictures, can i ask what camera you use? Lovin' the quality of the pics

  6. Heyy!
    Luv the eyes they soo pretty
    just found ur blog! its great i had to follow!
    check out and support mine and my sisters blog....

    Thank you

  7. thanks guys! following your blogs, they're awesome!

    and at the moment I'm 'inbetween cameras' aka I broke one and lost the charger to the other... So im currently taking pictures on my iphone 4s!! 8mp camera so it's getting me by :)