Friday, 24 April 2015

Lush Oxford Street! Haul and Make-up Review

Hey guys!
Yesterday I got to go to the brand new Lush store on Oxford Street! It was absolutely amazing! They opened the doors a day early for staff members which was so much fun, and it was great being able to mingle with other employees!

Here's just  a few pictures of the things I bought!

Yes... it looks like a lot! But trust me, I could have bought more! There's around 200 new products and although we were there for SEVEN HOURS we still didn't see them all! They kept getting deliveries with more products coming out constantly, I made 4 trips to the tills!

I really look forward to going back in a few months and seeing how it it all looks again, and being able to have a good look around when it's not so crazy!

I won't go into a lot of detail with what everything is right now, it would be a huge post! So I'll keep doing them as I use the products so I can tell you what they're like too :)

So far, I've used the make-up, I was so excited I had to! haha 

Passion Fruit Lip Balm
Seriously tastes amazing and I can still smell it on my lips hours after I've applied it! It's beautiful and light so give you just a thin layer on your lips, instead of some balms which feel thick and heavy! 

Shades of Nude
This little thing is a beaut. It completely confused me when I saw it but the lovely Kayley showed me how it worked and I fell in love! There is also Shades of Pink and Shades of Red which looked amazing but sadly there were only testers, none to buy at that moment in time. 
What you do, is apply it straight onto your lips and use the different colours to create different shades of nude! It sounds so simple... how has no-one thought of this before?! 

Zealous Jewel Shadow
Just like the shades of Nude, this is a product you apply straight onto your skin. The colour is a gorgeous turquoise with shimmer. It applies so creamy but sets just like a powder! 

Faithful Lipstick. 
I am a huge fan of Lush's lip colours anyway, but the fact they are now actual lipsticks makes me so happy! There are 29 colours and all are so gorgeous! Some returning favourites but in stick form such as passionate and decisive, some new like faithful (a dark pink, like passionate but without the shimmer) and Soul which is clear but all glitter!

Courage Eye Liner
So the eye liners have stayed in the same bottles as before but they've changed the formula and played around with the colours! This is one of the newbies in the collection. It's a gorgeous forest green with emerald shimmer...I love it!

Insight Earth Eye Powder
I am soooo happy Lush have come out with powder eyeshadows! These are beautiful! Applied dry they are like pure shimmers, but mixed with a mixing medium the colours really pop out and the shimmer is insane! Insight applied dry doesn't stand out much on its own, it has a lovely pink shimmer perfect for inner eye highlighting but when I mixed it with MAC's Fix+ this is what I got! A candy floss, shimmery pink shadow.

Carefree Eye Powder
I think this could possibly be one of my favourite eye shadows I now own... 
Applied dry you get a blue/purple/pink duo-chrome effect but applied with Fix+ it looks like a shocking blue with purple/pink shimmer, absolutely beautiful! 

So that's all the make-up I bought! I wish I got more but my bank would be after me.. 
I am now off for a lovely bath with all my lovely products and I can't wait to share more reviews with you! 

Here's a few more pictures, things I'll review and a few of the day.


  1. Wow! A lot of awesome stuff! Great pictures :)

  2. Wow! A lot of awesome stuff! Great pictures :)

  3. How much is the eye power?

  4. Nice sharing! Glad to read your post!