Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Valentine's makeup take 2...

Hello lovelies! How is everyone? Looking forward to Valentines?...

I recently got the 6 in 1 on the go palette by ELF and have been playing around with it trying out different looks! This is my most recent and the one I've been wearing the most!

I'm in love with it! It's a sultry, smokey purple eye with a good load of contouring and soft nude lips. I did do it with a creamy pink lip too which looked lush as well!

Right basically, I can't chose a favourite photo so you're getting them all! Click on any image to enlarge

First off with a nude lip, I went for a mix of Natural Nymph and Nostalgic by ELF and OPI tease-y does it lip gloss (clear jelly with gold micro glitter)

Up close it doesn't look like my does it? It's just a very ombre-styled purple smokey eye! Very simple winged eyeliner, nothing fancy.

REALLY can't keep a straight face! haha And seeming I used to always add a stupid face at the end, I thought I'd throw it in ;)
Same eyes, new lips. A really gorgeous Pink! Made using Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn, Fearless by ELF and Natural Nymph. Totally addicted to making my own lip colours!!

This was the next day, I did the same eyes but changed the lips up again and added an apricot tint! I love orange and purple together! It rocked! I made this colour with Barry M's 53, Captivating by ELF and Natural Nymph (again) also by ELF.

PS, How cute is my horse/lace top!! £6 from Primark! AND I bought myself a new charger so WOHOO! I have a camera again!

Love & Peace xx


  1. Gorgeous as ever! I love purple gradiants. I also love the lip colour in the first set!!Xx

  2. such soft look! I really like it! and the pink lips was perfect to the look as well! and oh, btw, I so love love love this chunky glitter background of yours! Yum yum!!/Azure

  3. Such a lovely look and very wearable!

  4. This is a perfect look- pink and super wearable! love!

  5. super beautiful and perfect for valentines !

  6. Wow, amazing how the styling and lip change can so drastically change the look! Perfect for Valentines all around.

  7. You look amazing. And thanks for the tip im blond with blue eyes myself and never thought of using pink :) Thx!!

    X C

  8. Do you have a youtube account so I can see you doing your make up? Because I really love this look! xx

  9. Thankyou guys! It means so much to me :D

    and monicaalice i do have a youtube but no videos!! I do want to start doing some but I have absolutely no idea how to get into doing videos :/ haha xxx