Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blink+Go Brights Palette!

In last month's Glossybox I received this lovely looking Blink+Go Colour Tones Eyeshadow and Blush palette, and I know a lot of people who received it didn't like it very much because the bright colours scared them!
Unlike most people, I love it! The colours are super soft and super pigmented! This is what the website says about it...

'Make your eye colour pop. This vibrant colour palette contains six catwalk-inspired shades (includes pink, blue, lilac, green, gold and a cream highlighter) a range of high-fashion colours that give an immaculate finish and enable you to create a look as subtle or dramatic as you dare. Mix and match the soft pastel peach and apricot blush for your own unique finish.'
The only thing I don't like about the palette, is because they're all such bright colours you can't really get a whole look out of it! You have to be able to get your hands on some other eye shadows to make a real 'eye-popping' look!
Here's a quick swatch of all the colours :) They have a satin finish and are super soft! I was really impressed with the pigmentation of these! Specially the Green, yellow and white! I can't work out which is my favourite colour though! I do love the green... It's like no other colour I've got!

With flash.
I have to admit, I am stunned by the blush! Neither of them are colours I would have ever chosen, but they have quickly become my go-to colours! Mixed together they are beaut!
They have a slightly chalky finish to them, and the light pink/peach has a touch of shimmer to it, whereas the Apricot is matte.
Without flash.
I swatched the eye shadows with no base (right) and using my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk on the left.
You can tell the difference! I seriously don't know how I lived so long without it in my life!!! Its fantastic! By the end of the year I wouldn't be surprised if I had one in every colour...
Please excuse the quality of the pictures!
Still can't find my camera charger...

These are just a couple of looks I've done using the palette! This is my 'Winter Bunny' look! Lots of bright, pastel colours! For this i used all the colours apart from green and yellow.

For my mascara, I use Mac's Zoom Lash Black Lash, eyebrows - Stila brow set in Warm.

For people who aren't as adventurous! Use the colour of your choice and mix with a little mixing solution or water to create a gorgeous bright eyeliner! Apply using an angled brush for solid colour and sharp lines!

Very quick and easy to do! Kept my eyeshadow simple, just a natural smokey eye :)

but for the very adventurous...

Team it up with some bright purple lippy (airborne unicorn, Lime Crime) and some purple eyebrows!
Do you like my trout pout?

If you got this palette in your Glossybox, what did you think of it?
You can purchase this palette from the Blink+Go website for £14.95 :)

Love & Peace x

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  1. Ooo, I like how you used it for the liner in that middle look, super cute! What a fun palette for playing!

  2. Hello. Check out my new post :) I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award!. :)

  3. Those colors look awesome. I am too timid to wear these colors, but they look fantastic on you. I love it with the purple lipstick!

  4. Love how colourful and pigmented the swatches are love the first look you created xo

  5. love the looks! the last one is seriously not for the faint hearted

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a small giveaway too!

  6. I don't own this palette, but the colors are so pretty and i love the color payoff on your eyelids! By the way you have a lovely blog (cute background too), I am now a new follower!

  7. The colours are gorgeous, I love your Winter Bunny look and the blushers look divine! I'm glad you've embraced it, so many would be scared!! XxXx

  8. cheers guys! The colour payoff really is incredible with this palette!
    That's one of the main things i love about glossybox! You find new brands that are fantastic and would never of tried in a million years! I hadnt even heard of them!

    and thankyou Glitz Glam Budget! I changed the background a little while ago! New Year and all that! lol xxxx

  9. This looks amazing! I am gutted I did not get this in my glossybox! The purple look is beautiful :-)



  10. Wow you're so good at eyes! I always end up looking like I got punched...

    H x

  11. pretty!
    http://fafafoomfarah.blogspot.com/ xo