Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My April on Instagram!

Hey guys!
I love putting up pictures about what I've been doing so here's some pics from my April :)

My gorgeous, new little nephew Max

Amazing Ice Cream Parlour we found! They even had red bull ice cream! WTF. This was mine 0_0 Ferraro Roche Sundae...and I ate it all... haha

My Sister's banoffee waffle

My sweetie pie Rocky 'helping' me blog my OPI collection!

Cream Tea Time! Thank God we had some sunshine ^_^

These are my different hair colours since September! And it's not even all of them! Thinking about going back to blonde...
My Cookie Monster Nails! Bought some teeny tiny art brushes AGES ago, thought I'd get them out and give it a go! :)

My look for the day :)

pretty, sunny Cambridge

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