Monday, 17 February 2014

Lush Emotional Brilliance Control Eyeliner Review!

Aloha Amigos!
A few weeks ago I picked up Control Eyeliner from Lush, which is described to be a deep inky-blue shade... and I don't think I've worn black since. This eyeliner is so different and versatile, I love it!
The bottle alone is freaking adorable! It looks like the potions from Alice in Wonderland with the little 'drink me' label on the side! To show how much I LOVE this colour, I haven't edited my photos at all! I've left them completely untouched so you get a proper, true to life, look at the colours you can achieve all from one little bottle!
One Layer.

With one application you get a beautiful bright blue shade! The eyeliner applicator it comes with makes for easy application and it doesn't dry instantly which I like, so you can smudge it out if desired.
Two Layers.
With a second coat, the eyeliner somehow turns almost teal, making it more versatile with shades of eyeshadows. I've worn it with a pink look using my Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay and had many compliments on it. I love telling people it's from Lush because they never expect it!
Three Layers.
And here is our deep inky-blue shade, as described by Lush! It's so stunning and makes your eyes pop without having to go crazy with eyeshadows. If you're short on time this is a perfect way to create a stunning look, and it's less harsh and much more fun than black all the time!
I love this colour at the moment, and will definitely be checking out some other shades of theirs including the vibrant purple and silver! I bet they would be great fun to work with!
It doesn't surprise me that I'm a fan of the eyeliners seeming I've already fallen in love with their Liquid Lipsticks! My best friend picked up a cream eyeshadow from Lush for my birthday and I can't wait to see what it's like!
I'm sure I'll be posting a review soon!


  1. I am also dying to try these out, but I don't have the budget quite yet :P
    I REALLY love how this looks! It makes a great statement!

    1. They definitely have a high end price, but it's because it's high end quality! If you think about it, people don't blink when they spend £14 on a MAC Lipstick but it's because they know the brand and know the quality will be great. Lush is equally as good if not better because you can read the ingredients and actually know what you're wearing! For me I'd chose Lush's Liquid Lipsticks over Mac's Lipsticks any day of the week!
      Although, it's a lot cheaper here in the UK then where you are Lucy so I don't blame you! haha x x

    2. Hehe, all so true! I only have 1 MAC lipstick, because their prices, but they do have reasonable dupes.
      lol, stupid California! Everything's so expensive! :P
      ;) Lucy

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyy goooooooooooodness! With the three coats; GORGEOUS! I think I'm in love and I hadn't even known about it until a minute ago!

  3. Gorgeous eyeliner :)