Monday, 19 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush...Movis Soap!

Hello! Another new product today - Movis :D
This has very quickly made it's way into my daily skincare routine. I love it!
Created by Mo Constantine and inspired by two of her passions - soap and baking! - Mo Constantine made this wheat filled face soap. I will admit, at first I was definitely put off by the idea of bread being in my soap but my mind quickly changed when I started using it.
Made with wholemeal bread to exfoliate and revive the skin, and wheatgerm oil, hop oil and cocoa butter to soften the skin.
There's two ways you could use it, you can play with it in your hands using water to create a creamy lather or for a good scrub, wet your skin and use the bar directly.
Apart from how soft and moisturised my skin feels after I use it, I love that it's squidgy! I can't describe what it feels like... it's a bit like the sponge layer in a trifle?! It also smells like a cheesecake biscuit base and reminds people of banana bread, soo yummy! haha
What better then a little present with your name on it? Perfect!
My winning combination at the moment is using Ocean Salt for a good scrub and using Movis afterwards to give a nice layer of moisture to my skin.
Anyone had a chance to try it out yet?

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