Thursday, 8 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush... Ocean Salt Review

Hey guys, I've had an idea! This doesn't happen often...
I recently started my new job at Lush and I wanted to incorporate my lovely job with my lovely blog, so I'm going to start doing some 'Daily doses of Lush' which will involve reviews, demos and Lush Cocktails! How does that sound? It's a bit different from my usual make-up looks but I think it will be nice to mix things up!

So I'm going to start with one of my latest loves, Ocean Salt Self-Preserving!
In many liquid products, Lush use safe synthetic preservatives to give them a longer shelf life and as happy as Lush are to use them, some customers would prefer to avoid them so Lush came up with 4 new self-preserving versions of these popular products (and promises of plenty more to come).
Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub, lovingly hand made with fine sea salt and vodka soaked limes which makes it smell like a margarita!
The sea salt is excellent for scrubbing away any dead skin, whilst the avocado butter, extra virgin coconut oil and seaweed absolute leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, and the limes and grapefruit infusion removes any excess oils which leaves your skin looking fresh and brightened!
To use, all you need to do is rinse your skin with warm water, scoop and scrub! It will start out as a great exfoliant and once the product has softened with the contact of the warm water, it will turn into a creamy lather - I love this part! Straight away your skin feels unbelievably soft.
Isn't the colour beautiful!
This is my favourite skin care product at the moment and I love demo-ing it on people because the instant softness impresses everyone, I love the surprised reactions!
Have you ever tried Ocean Salt? What did you think of it?
To check this baby out check the website here!


  1. OMG Yummmmmmmmmmm :p

    1. It's amazing, I love the smell of this one x

  2. really wish we had lush where I live! I am completely mesmerized by the color of that scrub!

    1. It's so stunning! I definitely recommened ordering online if you can! :) x x x