Monday, 12 May 2014

Daily dose of Lush... Lush Kitchen Zest

Hey guys!
Today's post is on a new hair styling product which will be making it's way into Lush stores very soon...Zest!
Zest is a hair gelly which you would use in a similar way to hair gel. You can take the whole thing out of the pot and play with it in your hands to get some product or just stick your fingers in it! Rub it into your fingers and then apply to your hair.
Zest has a medium to strong hold and if you like a slicked look this is perfect for you, if not then use it sparingly! I have recently cut my hair short and I love this product! I rub a little into my fingers and then get messy with my hair! A quick brush later and a little playing and it gives me the volume and messy look that I want. At first it can appear quite greasy looking but give it a little time to sink in!
When I first saw the bright yellow colour of Zest I instantly expected it to be a sour lemon scent so I was pleasantly surprised to find out it's actually made with fresh organic orange juice and sweet wild orange oil!
It smells like freshly squeezed orange juice, reminds me of a lazy Sunday breakfast :) amazing!
I was lucky enough to get this when I went on a haircare training course with Lush. It's not out in stores yet but it won't be too long now! Will keep you posted :)
Will anyone be trying this when it comes out?

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  1. Sounds great and much better than normal gels, xoxo.