Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Disney Series: Tinkerbell - Peter Pan

Hey Guys!
It's been so long since I've done a Disney Inspired look I thought one was well overdue! I haven't played around much with my Flash Palette from Makeup Forever either so this was the perfect opportunity.
For this Disney inspired look I've chosen to recreate Tinkerbell! I wasn't a huge Tinks fan when I was a kid but she's definitely grown on my in recent years!
Hope you like my look!
This look was so fun to recreate! I love it when I get a clear image in my head of what I want something to look like - and the pixie dust topped it off perfectly! Definitely Tinks!
Now this isn't the 'original' Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, this little starlet has plenty of her own movies now!
To start this look I used ELF Primer and NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as my base. Next I applied BAMM! from Sleek Makeup's V1 Palette onto my eyelid and then applied the top two yellow shades from my P88 palette from the born pretty store over the inner two thirds of my eyelid to add some yellow shimmer.
I applied Adam's Apple from Sleek's Garden of Eden palette into my crease and blended upwards. To darken my crease, I used Cricket and Dragonfly from the V1 palette and finally Fern from the V2 palette right in the outer corner to really darken the greens and create a shadow effect.
To finish my eyeshadow I used POW! from V1 as my brow highlight and Cricket and Fern under my lower lash line.
Next is eyeliner... Very simple - It's the white from the Flash Palette! Soo creamy!
To apply my Bellapierre Gold Holographic Glitter I used the Bellapierre Clear Eyeliner Base which is my saviour! I'd be lost without it!
Finally I applied my Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara and a set of Eylure's #100 lashes.
Last but not least I created an ombre effect on my waterline using the white from Flash Palette and different shades of green eye shadows.
And that's the look! I hope you like my Tinkerbell recreation! I do have another Disney Inspired look ready to put up too! Might be my Friday post...


  1. This is utterly fantastic. Stunning look xx

  2. this is a STUNNING look! You've out done yourself! And I literally gasped when I saw the pop of gold glitter!

    1. Eeeee thankyou so much! I always love reading your comments :) x x x

  3. !!!!!!!!!!! I love this sooooooooo much!!!! :D