Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden Palette Review & Swatches

Hey guys!
I was so lucky today to get the new Sleek i-Divine Palette from Superdrug! They didn't have it on the shelf so I asked when it's due to come out, and she said next week but I could have one now! Happy girl right here!
So, I've quickly rushed home so I could takes some photos and get a blog post up straight away!
I've never noticed before but Sleek actually gives you suggestions on how to use the shades to create different looks! They are posted on the back of the Limited Edition packaging. I've just hunted for some other boxes and noticed it on the Celestial Palette too. May have to give some of them a go, they sound interesting!
Look how gorgeous the shades are! None of the photos I've seen have been able to go this palette justice. There's a great mix of mattes, shimmers and matte/glitters (which seems pretty new to Sleek, and I'm loving it!) that remind me of the ones from Inglot but I might actually pretty Sleeks version - the glitter isn't lost at all on application.
I seriously can't wait to create some looks with these colours! Simple green and mauve smoky eyes come to mind straight away, but I wonder how creative some people with get with this palette. Fingers crossed for a burst of inspiration later!
Now on to Swatches! Here's the top row, L-R:
Gates of Eden - A warm peachy gold, almost copper but not quite there
Eve's Kiss - a metallic lilac. Swatch doesn't do it justice, over NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk this would be amazing
Paradise on Earth - Metallic taupe/mauve, perfect eyelid colour for a smoky look
Python - Again a metallic finish, chocolate brown
Forbidden - a matte taupe with gold fleck of glitter, not as pigmented as I would have liked, but over the right base
Flora - a dark brown with a purple tinge. Sleek's dark matte shades always seem to have amazing pay off. I can see myself using this one a lot!
Entwined - Another matte glitter, pretty much a darker version of Forbidden
Adam's Apple - Sadly I love the name more than the colour. Matte, apple green shade, hopefully NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk will be able to bring this shade to life!
Fig - I don't know why this shade wasn't called olive! It's exactly what it is. Metallic finish
Evergreen - Metallic finish (I love sleeks metallics) true green.
Fauna - Metallic finish again, gorgeous deep green with a tinge of gold, stunning!
Tree of Life - Beautiful matte dark green, reminds me of a greener version of Orbit from Sleeks UltraMatts V2 palette
Every shade in this palette is absolutely stunning and I've never been disappointed by Sleek. I now own 10 of their palettes and still get excited when new ones come out! The quality of the product for the price is unbelievable.
I can't wait to start creating some looks!


  1. I have sooo many green eyeshadows (they're my weakness) so I kept telling myself ''NO! You don't need it!'''But; THIS PALETTE IS SO PRETTY! I will have to see if I can go ahead and order myself a palette :)
    Great review!

    1. I do the same with purples! haha I don't even wear them that often but I have so many?! haha Sleek's got a hold on me. I always need their new palettes! Always so pretty x x x

  2. love all the colors,how to do?
    thank you for sharing this and wish you have a nice day
    maybe you can check my new post and share beauty:

  3. the pink shades in this are gorgeous!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. They really are gorgeous! I can't wait to do something with them x