Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sleek Lagoon Palette Look!

Hey guys!
The Sleek Lagoon Palette was one of the ones I was lucky enough to get at Christmas, so I wanted to do a look using just this palette. It was so hard choosing a look to do, there are so many gorgeous colours! Eventually this was the look I went with, I hope you like it!
I tried a couple of looks, but my inspiration's been flat lately so I stayed on the safe side and done a purple, smoky look. There's so many gorgeous colour it was hard to choose just one look, I wanted to do some much all at once!
This is the lovely Lagoon Palette from the Aqua Collection.
TOP L-R: Sassea, Deep Water, Reflection, Emerald, Oyster, Black Pearl.
BOTTOM: Pink Jewell, Sand Dollar, Underworld, Sea Shell, Night Sky, Ariel.
I started with ELF eye primer and NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. I always use jumbo eye pencils because they make whatever eyeshadow you put on top brighter and last longer as it's a sticky base.
I started with night sky on the outer third of my eyelid, in my crease and slightly on the inner third of my eyelid. I wanted to make shadows basically!
Next, I used a paddle brush to apply Reflection onto the inner third of my eyelid. I then when over Night Sky with a fluffy pencil brush with Deep Water to darken the shadowing.
To darken the outer lid a little more and to add more shape I used Black Pearl.
To brighten my inner eye and the very centre of my eyelid I used Oyster, which is soo sparkly! It's an amazing shade which will definitely be getting a lot of use from me!
Under my eye, I carried on Black Oyster and Deep Water until the middle, and then used Pink Jewell until my inner eyelid.
So that's my look from Sleek's Lagoon Palette! I thought I was going to do a much brighter, colourful look with this palette but I was so overwhelmed by all the colours I couldn't make a choice on what to do! So until I work it out, we've gone purple!
I hope you like my look!


  1. god you seriously create the PRETTIEST eye looks! I mean, seriously gorgeous stuff! :) This is the perfect purple eye look!

    1. Thankyou so much Louise! I always love hearing from you, and im still gutted I can't comment on your blog!!! x x x

  2. So pretty with your eye colour. How do you look so flawless!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Thankyou so much Louisa! The more I practise, the better it looks! :) x x x