Monday, 1 July 2013


Hey Guys!
I was going to do just one haul post but it got too big! So here's all the Mac I've accumulated recently!

Rhythm - Lipglass
FAVOURITE THING EVER. Oh my gosh it's the prettiest pinky purple in the world! This Lipglass came out with the Temperatures Rising collection from MAC (look at the pretty tube!) and for the life of me I have no idea how much it was! My boyfriend bought it but I think it was roughly £15. It's called Rhythm and is just so so amazing! I've worn it over Speed Dial and Lime Crime's airbourne unicorn and it looks amazing over both! Here's some more pretty pictures!

Imperial Light - Cremesheen Glass
This is the type of lipgloss I would happily wear everyday! It goes with every neutral, coral or orange based lipstick and is soo purdy! It's got amazing coverage so can be worn on it's on and still look stunning! I love wearing coral tones on my lips, and having this in my bag makes for easy touch ups during the day! It's a beautiful creamy coral with golden shimmer. My perfect shade!

Mineralized Skinfinish in Lightscapade
If I could, I would have babies with this. Bright, sparkly babies! I am a very pale girl at the best of times, always get asked if I'm ill! NO! I'M PALE! The more contour and colour I get on my face, the better! This beautiful highlighter gives me a HEALTHY glow! It's such a pretty shade! It has a subtle shimmer and a small amount of very fine glitter which looks beautiful and very natural on the skin. It's not got any over powering colour either. A beautiful highlighter! A staple product in my makeup bag now, I love it!

Pink Glitter - Baking Beauties
I was so excited to start using this product that the first time I opened it I was a DICK and dropped loads of it over my boyfriends bed! Oopsie! This was over a month ago and we're still finding it everywhere!!! Haha
This was a definite magpie moment. It just looked amazing! I am still in love with it, and really want to be able to do something with it...but I can't! I go so upset and down when I did a whole look for it to go over, went to add the glitter and just couldn't get it to stick! I tried every trick in the book, every product going and nothing was doing the trick! I was so brokenhearted I had to ring my boyfriend! I love all the looks using glitter, and couldn't wait to do one but it just ended up looking like a huge mess! D': maybe I can add it to my lips or nail art maybe...

Sushi Kiss - All About Orange
I was so excited about this collection when I heard it was coming out! I went straight online to have a look at some sneak peaks to see what I wanted to get, and gave the list to my boyfriend so he could go and get it the day it came out! haha We don't have a Mac on the Isle of Wight so I'm very grateful that my boyfriend's got one near him! I love corals and orange shades and my favourite lipstick (up until now) has been Vegas Volt which is a very bright orange! This isn't as bright, but still stands out! I was overly excited when I got these, so sorry I didn't have enough patience to photograph the lippies before I used them! Top right pic is with the flash on by the way :) The lipstick has a satin finish which means it stays put that little bit longer but does look more matte and can be slightly drying, so if you have problems with dry lips then I definitely recommend a lip balm or gloss to go over the top!

Sweet & Sour - All About Orange
My new favourite shade! On my God it's so perfect! Pink's always seem quite bright on me, I'm not sure if it's my complexion or what but I've always been fonder of wearing coral tones. I've always preferred neutral eyes and coral coloured blusher so this finishes the set! It's a very muted shade with a lovely finish. It's a cremesheen which means you might not get as long a wear out of it but it's easy to touch up and it you apply lip liner underneath first it should give it a better hold!
It's slightly sheer compared to sushi kiss butt that's to be expected from it's finish.
Photo on the right has been taken with the flash on, and I have no idea how I've managed to mess up the lipstick so much already! there's so many cuts in it and I've only worn it a couple of times! I must learn to look after my things!
Because it's a cremesheen though it is a lot softer, so you might realise that you'll go through them a lot quicker than other lipsticks! It takes more product to get a completely covered lip, that a matte or satin would!

Ok so that's my MAC Haul! I love the collections they've brought out this summer! Can't wait to see what other beauties I'll pick up!

Thanks for Reading :)
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