Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shopping Haul! Eylure, H&M, Newlook...And a new piercing!

Hey Guys!
So I went into town yesterday with absolutely no intention of buying anything, just to meet my friend for a drink and get a piercing done... I failed miserably! But I have new pretties!

Firstly here's my new piercing! I had it done before but the lower double helix pushed itself out because I knocked it so I got it redone deeper yesterday! I love the little teal gem ball she put on it! It looks so pretty!

The top bar is actually purple but the colours come off the front ball, I'll change it when the other one has healed a bit more, I don't want to risk it pushing out again!

Now onto the haul... The main thing I bought were eyelashes! Ready for lots of new tutorials coming up!

I picked these pretty Eylure #140 eyelashes up from TopShop for £5.50. I have never bought a pair of Eylure lashes that I haven't fallen in love with! They are very full, intense lashes but are really light to wear which is nice, doesn't make your eyes look too droopy! Although be warned, if you are going to buy these to wear on a night out, don't get too drunk or it will look like you're asleep in half your photos!


I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and needed a belt to match my bag and shoes! It's a gorgeous coral peach colour with gold accents and fingers crossed, will match perfectly! I got it from New Look for £2.99, bargain!

I went into Claire's to have a look at some small hoops for my forward helix piercings, and I saw these amazing Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure and they were only £4 in the sale, and all sale items for 3 for 2! Bargain! I'm not sure if these lashes are called Ka-Ching! or not, but that's what it says on the box in her speech bubble, so that's what I'm calling them! They have an amazing light blue-green layer of lashes underneath the black which looks amazing, but makes the seam very thick so hard to work with!

I also bought the purple ones, called Ka-Pow! There were ones with a royal blue under layer as well but I didn't buy them. May have to go back! These just looked so pretty! I'm not sure whether to keep them or put them in a giveaway! They're amazing! And the lashes are so beautiful on, if it wasn't for the thick seam I'd be wearing them all the time!

Saving the best til last! These are the Ka-Zaam! Single eyelashes and they look gorgeous! Using the glue provided, then can last up to 2 week and come with a remover so they can be reusable! I'm going to the Secret Garden Party at the end of the month and may have to doll my lashes up, nice and bright! These were also only £4! I'd definitely recommend checking out their sale!

They all came with their own stickers too, how cute! I'm a sucker for freebies!
Whilst I was in topshop I saw these pretty little earings, just my style and only £4 so had to pick them up!

My sharpener keeps breaking on my so I picked up this amazing shiny one from H&M for only 99p! Look how pretty is it! Another magpie moment! They also had it in silver and pink, but this gorgeous teal shade is much more my thing!

Thanks for checking out my haul! The track pad on my laptop broke half way through writing it so I've had to download an app on my phone to use it as a mouse! It's been a nightmare! Hopefully it will all start working again tonight and I'll be able to get another post out!


  1. I got my 3rd holes pierced in my ears last week and already want more. Did getting the helix done hurt? This is next on my list!

    Great haul too!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. ooh cute! I really want my seconds done, but I want the coil piercing so thats next on my list! The first one hurt a little and the second one, hardly at all! however this one was pretty painful! Only because it was so deep, over scar tissue and she had to do it really slowly! It's all totally worth it though! x x x

  2. Ooooh I love your new piercing and I'm so jealous of all your falsies xx

    1. thankyou so much! I keep forgetting that I got it done, it doesn't hurt at all anymore! wohoo!

      The katy perry lashes are so pretty! Definitely check them out!

      x x x

  3. That piercing looks like it hurt! Sarah has a few piercings like that- one in her ear and two in her nose.


    1. yes, this one was painful! I love how double nose piercings look, im just too scared to get it done! I can cover my ears with my hair if it goes wrong! haha x