Monday, 15 July 2013

Nicola Crawford Jewellery!

I'm very lucky to have the boyfriend that I have! He works in the public eye and managed to get me some amazing jewellery this week! I had to share it with you guys!

Nicola Crawford is a jewellery designer based in Kent, here's just a little snippet of what her website says about her work:

'Nicola designs romantic feminine jewellery inspired by her love of nostalgia each collection telling a story whilst retaining a contemporary look'
I'm awful at explaining, that makes life so much easier! All of her pieces are hand finished personally, which makes every piece unique!

For a start, how friggin cute are the boxes! Wax stamps and everythinggggg!

This was my first piece, from her Secret Garden collection. I loved the theme, and have always had a thing about keys! Goes with my Tiffany's Lock Ring really well! I've worn this necklace every day and have only taken it off to take these pictures! I'm absolutely in love with it!
Link HERE!

These cute keys were handcrafted from sterling silver, and one has been oxidised to add contrast, which I love! What I also like, which you often don't see, is that the chain can be put on 2 different lengths. So depending on the shape of the neck on what you're wearing, the necklace will sit perfectly either way!

My other piece, is this gorgeous, amazing, shiny, eye-catching, beautiful, freeking awesome Ivy Ring! Yep, I like it! It goes on every time I step out the front door and I am constantly getting compliments on it!

It has been cast from the imprint of a real leaf, and sits across two fingers. I love that the shank looks like the stem of the ivy! It makes it look so delicate and cute!
Link HERE!

It's so shiny! Can you tell the difference between the quality of Nicola Crawford and Tiffany's? No. Because there is none! If anything, the hard work and finishing touches of Nicola's work makes it so much nicer and more special.

Personally, I've always chosen silver over gold... but I did see the gold versions of both of these little beauts and they are soo stunning! Everything on her site is so pretty! It's definitely worth checking out her link > here < especially when there's free worldwide delivery and 30% OFF AT THE MOMENT! (just enter the code SUMMER at the checkout) Check it out, NOWWWWWWW!


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