Friday, 5 July 2013

Sleek i-Divine i-Candy Palette Review!

Hey guys!
I know I'm a little behind on this, but I live on an Island, give me a break!
Sleek recently brought out a new Candy Collection which featured the most amazing i-Divine palette, containing 12 bright summery shades. The colours quickly caught my attention, like a child in a sweet shop, and there were only 2 palettes left! And I'm very fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who spoils me (yes, I know you're reading this Stewart!).

You can buy this palette for £7.99 by clicking right here!

The palette has a mixture of finishes including matte, shimmer and pearl. It has their standard matte black which seems to come in a lot of their palettes so I was a bit disappointed to see it's return but it's very appropriate name makes up for it in some ways I guess!
These are all the colours quickly swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion under natural light
L-R Top to Bottom
Strawberry Sherbet - Is a matte Barbie-esque pink
Bon Bon - A very frosty metallic pink, under certain light it looks more lilac, very pigmented!
Parma Violet - A matte deep purple, very similar to Highness in the V2 palette, but a touch darker
Liquorice - Their standard matte black, not very pigmented :(
Blue Fizzle - A very stunning shimmery lilac blue
Aniseed - A frosty pinky red with amazing colour shimmer. LOVE this colour!
These were applied with NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as the base. Look how beautiful Aniseed and Bon Bon are!
L-R Top to Bottom
These shades just had Monsters Inc. written all over them!
Apple Sour - Frosty, Shimmery green which looks blue under bright lights, almost creamy to touch!
Pear Drop - The only way to describe it, the colour of Mike Wazowski! Shimmery finish.
Flump - I don't remember flumps being anywhere near this colour but lets roll with it, a beautiful bright matte violet
Bubble Gum - I want to swim in it! A super bright, matte sky blue with amazing pigmentation!
Mint Cream - pretty much a pastel version of Apple Sour with only slight shimmer
Cream Soda - My favourite drink evarrr - An uber shimmery frost shade, very pigmented.
Swatched over NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. I wanna go swimming in Bubble Gum! O_O
This palette is so gorgeous, I've already used it for my Monsters University looks, and I can't wait to see what I can come up with using Aniseed! It's such a stunning little colour, not one you'd find anywhere else on the high street!
Yes, some of the mattes can be quite chalky but that's what you get with such bright colours! I recommend applying your foundation etc AFTER you've done your eyes, because you do tend to get some fall out.
The more frosty, shimmery shades are very soft to touch, which makes them very pigmented so be careful on how much you use! A little goes a long way with these beauts!
Have you guys tried this palette? What do you think?


  1. I have it as well really glad I got it! I'm curious to see what looks you are going to do with it :) xx

    1. thankyou! The last two look I did, were done using this little beauty! Also, I have another look coming up using Aniseed :) amazing colour! x

  2. These look really good.. I like the colours..

    Please visit my blog..

    Brittany, xx

    1. Thankyou! I'm your latest follower! Can't wait to see what else you post! :) x

  3. This palette looks so pretty, I really want to get into wearing bolder colours rather than my usual neutrals :) Been having a read of your blog this evening it's fab x

    1. thankyou so much! Ive just been looking at yours! loving your tips!
      its a super pretty palett, and the summer is the perfect time to try brighter colours! go for it! x