Saturday, 14 December 2013

New Pretties From Born Pretty Store!

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone's in the Christmassy spirit! I'm so excited! Whilst I'm writing this I'm listening to 100 Christmas Hits for Kids! haha
This week I've received some lovely products for reviewing from which is an online store that sells everything girly going! They are located in China which makes shipping take 2-4 weeks to reach the UK, but mine arrived a lot sooner than I was expecting! I think it came in 2 weeks which was great.
They have a huge selection of makeup, nail polishes (including holos! happy girly...) nail art, jewellery, contact lenses, hair accessories, phone cases... the list goes on, and all at very reasonable prices with free worldwide shipping! How could anyone complain at that?

My first item was this P88 eyeshadow palette
For me that palette is amazing! I wanted this one in particular because the majority of the colours are matte which are my favourite to work with, and only a few have shimmer to them. I have already done a look using this palette, which I will upload very soon!
I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented the colours were too! Payoff was great and not too chalky. It's currently on their site for £11.65!
I can't wait to do some more looks with this palette! Some of the colours remind me of Sigma Creme De Couture Palette, beautiful pastel shades.
Next were these lovely eyelashes! I like natural looking false lashes, ones that lengthen rather than weigh my eyes down! Princess eyelashes in M-3 are perfect for this. They have a clear strip at the top, which already makes them look a lot less fake than others and they are so light to wear.
I'm wearing these in my next eyeshadow look so you can judge them for yourself, but 10 pairs for £5.24, you can't really go wrong! One pair of my favourite eyelure lashes costs that!
My last product is this red 7pc brush kit. I'm usually picky with brushes and don't like buying them online because you don't know if they're going to be any good or not, but I wanted to get 3 items from born pretty store which I could use all together in a look, so I thought brushes were the best thing to try.
They come in a great travel bag which is definitely going to come in handy, with 7 red handled brushes. The first 2 brushes (smudge sponge and lip brush) are the quality you'd expect for £4.90 but I really like all the other brushes!
Going down, you have the smudge sponge thing, lip brush, stiff angled brush, fluffy angled brush, blush brush (perfect for contouring) stiff C brush (great for packing on colour) and my favourite out of them all, the fluffy pencil brush.
I love the last brush! It's great for adding eyeshadow into the crease and soo good at blending! It's bigger than a pencil brush but smaller than a blending brush... I love it, it's great! And the fluffy angled brush is wonderful too! These two will definitely get a lot of use!
Overall I'm actually really please with the products! Seeming the prices are so reasonable you expect the products to be a bit hit and miss, but I will definitely be purchasing some pieces from this site! I keep going on and finding new things I want to try out like their beautiful holographic nail polishes and some more eyelashes.
The lovely people at Born Pretty Store have even sent me a 10% off code for all you lovely readers!
Just enter GEG10 at checkout!
How amazing is that?!
Let me know if you go on their site/purchase anything and what you think of the products!
I will post a look using everything in this post ASAP!
Disclaimer: Some or all of the products included in this post may have been provided by the company, brands or PR representatives for possible use and reviews.
I will always give my honest opinion on the products, whether given to me for free or bought with my own money. 


  1. very nice haul! I have that palette myself and I can't live without it. The lashes also look really nice!

    1. I am in love with the palette! I'ts so pretty, I'd be lost without mattes <3

  2. lovely haul! Those eyelashes look lovely!

    1. Thankyou! The lashes are amazing! I definitely recommend! x

  3. So many colours in that palette, although I have sensitive eyes so have to be careful with new/unknown products.

    1. Its beautiful! If you'd like a list of the ingredients, it comes on the back of the box, I'm more than happy to write it out in a comment if you like! x